Your Favorite Panties For Men | Results Round One

Over a year ago I wrote an article asking men what their favorite panties were. I also asked a bunch of more specific questions  including what cut men liked, what color they liked, what brands they liked, and what they most liked wearing with their panties. I received hundreds of comments and overwhelming amounts of feedback, which was exceptionally awesome, and I am now ready to impart the results unto you, my fine readers.  In one category at least, my lingerie scientists (that’s me and my kitty mittens) have not quite finished tabulating all the results.

Today I can reveal the favorite panty cut for men is the: BIKINI CUT

Surprising? I suppose it depends on whether or not you happen to be a man who likes bikini panties or not. It was mildly surprising to me because bikini cut panties are not the favorite panty cut for women (at least not if one takes the entire cross section of the female lingerie buying demographic, in which full brief panties are incredibly popular)  and they’re also not the predominant cut in panties made for men. You know, the ones made by independent panty companies, the ‘sissy’ panties ectcetera.  In fact, if one looks at the panties made supposedly ‘for men’, they’re never bikini panties.  How strange that the entire men’s panty industry (if there is such a thing) apparently doesn’t understand the desires of the bulk of men who actually wear lingerie.

Then again, the makers of sissy panties aren’t really making panties for men who just like lingerie, are they? No, they’re making fetish wear, and there is a difference (in spite of what some advertising companies might think) between a sissy panty fetish and just liking lingerie.

Anyway, interesting results abound. In the coming weeks I’ll compile some of the favorite brands as well as reveal the other secrets that emerged from the survey.  (Here’s another interesting little panty secret, apparently, men often prefer black panties over other colors. They’ll usually buy other colors too, but black and white are far more popular than I’d ever given them credit for being.

Ah, you pantied men, you have many secrets!

23 thoughts on “Your Favorite Panties For Men | Results Round One

  1. Don

    Interesting/ I would have thought that briefs would have takern the prize. My guess is that younger woman wear thongs or bilini panties while older woman (opps) wear more full coverage panties. It will be interesting to see what the rest of the survey says.

  2. lge

    Hi Hope
    Well, I am surprised that bikinis come out top. Like you I thought full cut, my favourite, would be top and I don’t get why ladies bikinis are so popular especially when there are many men’s briefs of similar cut on the market.
    Here in UK, nylon full cut briefs are just not available in retail so I bought some Sloggi Maxi briefs which of course are cotton and I find I just love them. Why? They’re light, supportive and the rear seam lies nicely along my buttock line, meaning I’m always aware of them! Nice but naughty still. Can’t wait to get hold of some nylon or satin equivalents, but may have to wait for a trip to US.
    I enjoy your blogs enormously, so please keep on titillating.

  3. Yendor

    Your survey results don’t come as a surprise to me since bikinis are my favorite panty.

    My first experience with panties was when I was about 8 and was a result of staying a week-end with my cousins (all female) while my parents were away on a trip. My mother forgot to pack enough underwear and socks so my Aunt said I could wear some of my cousins panties and socks since no one would see or know what I was wearing and I had to wear some sort of underwear. My cousins initially teased me for wearing their panties but that soon was forgotten after we started playing. Their panties were a full brief pastel nylon style that was common for girls at that time. I don’t know if my mother had planned this with my Aunt but I’ll never forget how good those panties felt compared to the cotton underwear I normally wore. When ever I knew I would be staying at my Aunt’s house in the future for any length of time I made sure I didn’t have enough underwear so would “have” to wear panties again. My cousins actually gave me a package of pastel nylon panties on one of my birthdays which I cherished. My mother eventually found out and asked me if I enjoyed wearing panties and would like some of my own which I reluctantly nodded yes. I know my father never found out since my mother said it would be our little secret and she bought me some white nylon briefs which I would wear when ever I visited my cousins.

    That was 45 years ago and most women that know my “little” secret, my wife included, don’t see any thing wrong with men wanting to wear panties. Most consider it quit sexy to see the male form in a tight fitting bikini panty. Since my wife and I wear the same size we share the panties drawer. Our preferred panty style and brand is full back nylon Vanity Fair bikinis mostly white or beige.

    I wonder why Victoria’s Secret doesn’t come out with a Victor’s Secret line of sexy underwear for men. I’m sure their biggest customers would be girlfriends or wifes like men are their biggest customers for panties. In my opinion the sites that cater to panty wearing men are too expensive and don’t have sexy styles that are that appealing to most of us.

  4. Nobodytheyknow

    Interesting results although I’m not surprised. Seems Victoria Secret knew that all along. I think some of their associates can tell who’s really wearing the skimpy panties in the house.

    Yes, I prefer String bikini and low riser styles myself. May seem odd but I like the thongs as well. Usually in black although I do have some colored items, but all in the bold colors.

  5. Justin

    I’d agree with this, they are my favorite to wear daily. If its just for “fun” its the other styles i like

  6. prettydar

    I love bikini panties! I prefer peach, green or purple. Right now my favorite brand is Bali and I discovered that their full brief is quite comfortable for extended wear.

  7. Jeff

    I would have guessed it. There are a couple of reasons, the first of which being that they hold the whole package i9n, so your nuts arent sticking out and getting rubbed raw by the elastic, and secondly, the feel of the elastic on your butt is a constant reminder of what you are wearing. And yes, black is my favorite, especially if they have some nice soft lace panels.

  8. Jeff

    Oh, and my girlfriends favorite is black lace cami top, black lace panties and black lace-top stockings on me.

  9. Hope Post author

    Nice suggestion, Steve! I love the shiny satin finish on those panties, not to mention the way that they have fun and playful patterns too :)

  10. Hope Post author

    I think that perhaps the full brief cut is more comfortable for older ladies and gentlemen? Or maybe not. Actually, probably not, I have no idea. I wear bikini cut a lot, but then again, I have no man parts to worry about. I was always told that men liked the full briefs because of the additional coverage they provided for man parts, but I suppose that man parts can be tucked this way and that to fit panties as they please.

  11. Hope Post author

    I think the reason why Victoria’s Secret doesn’t come out with a line for men is that it would turn off their conservative customers and most men who like wearing lingerie seem to like the fact that it is designed for women on some level as well.

  12. smokymtn7

    Hmmm, this is an interesting poll result. There is another one with a very different outcome at In that one, full panties (“Grannys”) and pink came out on top. Personally, as long as it looks feminine and doesn’t slide down over my hips (I hate boyshorts!) it’s all good with me!

  13. Hope Post author

    That could be possibly due to the fact that those are the sorts of panties that sells, so men who aren’t interested in those sorts of panties probably gravitate away from the site fairly quickly, if they go there at all.

    My articles have, for the most part, been about women’s lingerie in the sense that it’s (in theory) made for women, not men. It’s very possible that these polls reflect nothing but different audiences :)

  14. Donna

    Hi Hope,
    I’m Donna the designer/seamstress at
    I am enjoying your forum this morning. Think it’s great men have places like hewearspanties and pantiesformen. Found you were conducting a poll on styles of panties. Does not surprise me at all bikini’s are so popular. Many of our pictures at PFM are of men in bikini’s. Plus I receive emails asking for bikinis. More during the summer. I have many new bikini styles I’m preparing to put on our site(as soon as I can get pics)that have been requested. We shouldn’t leave out the brief wearer. They are right up there with the briefs. Just this week,I sent out several Briefs “granny panties” with lots of lace,lace insets,and plain everyday wear. We attract a clientele of men who want different. I feel that is what brings them to PFM and keeps them coming back and my fabrics. We are different as we provide a variety and I aim to help create their perfect panty regardless of style. Everyone has a favorite. If it’s your favorite…then it’s my favorite..hehe. I have been asked for Crotchless Panties for men, Cockring Panties, Vinyl Panties,Sheath Panties,Vibrating panty…name it…I have probably created it. Anyway,I will stop. I could talk panties all day with you. You’re doing a Great Job and provide an awesome place for Pantywearers. Have a Great 4Th of July! Donna

  15. Hope Post author

    Hey Donna, it’s great to see you here and have you weigh in on the issue. I agree that PFM does an excellent job at providing panties for men who can’t easily find what they want in the mainstream panty market.

    Thanks for dropping by! :)

  16. Dave

    Shadowline had the best nylon hi-cut panties that fit great for men. Unfortunately they have gone out of business. Shadowline slips were also the best softest nylon I have found anywhere.

    Nancy King is another brand that makes panties that fit well for men. They make an all nylon panty and very thin fabric also.

    I miss Shadowline…

  17. Dave

    Shadowline had the best nylon hi-cut panties that fit great for men. Unfortunately they have gone out of business. Shadowline slips were also the best softest nylon I have found anywhere. I like my panties and slips rather plain, without lace or frills.

    Nancy King is another brand that makes panties that fit well for men. They make an all nylon panty and very thin fabric also.

    I miss Shadowline…

  18. Wanda

    My two favorite panties are FOTL bikini and VS cotton bikini and hiphugger. Black and white are my two favorite colors. I love this site. I am glad there are so many men like me who wear panties.

  19. ted

    Ah yes bikini panties! Not surprising they came out on top, by any means! Let’s face it, most of us have worn other’s but we always come back to these. For me personally it is the fit and overall comfort. Do I worry about visible pantylines..not at all!
    Being one who finds a pantyline sexy I love my own. Now that most women are wearing thong’s, the VPL is all but gone unfortunately. Before thongs came along, I always compared women’s VPL to my own. More often than not…mine were sexier! Not surprising at all.
    Like many of us I too discovered mom’s panty drawer. So glad I did! I grew up in a broken home, mom had to work so I had plenty of time to enjoy my love of panties.
    She had the 60’s style day’s of the week bikini panty’s. Does anyone else remember those? I most certainly do!

  20. Gale

    What about boyshorts? They are becoming my favorite next to high-cuts. Bikinis? Not especially fond of them.

    No matter what the style, one very important consideration for me is no crotch liner. I dislike them, and my wife thinks it is a give-away. She’s OK with me wearing panties as long as they don’t look too girly. Bali, Cosabella, Underarmour, Elita, and several other manufacturers make several styles of panties that have no crotch liner, no lace, and no frills.

  21. Il

    Hi Hope!
    Stumbled onto to your wonderful website.
    Great, insightful articles, written with compassion and wit.
    My all time favorite panty is the:
    Olga, Secret Hug Fashion Scoops, French Cut, 23913
    Incredibly soft nylon, great lace on the top, great fitting, and durable.
    Regrettably, this wonderful panty is no longer available and thought
    that could be the basis for an article. What’s a crossdressing panty-loving
    male to do when his favorite panty is no longer available???
    Thanks again for all of your wonderful work!

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