Your Favorite Man Panties!

What are your favorite panties? Are they a silky nylon blend that lightly brushes the skin under your clothing, titillating your senses with every step?

Are they snug, cupping your body securely, letting you feel the comfort and luxury of women’s lingerie?

Are you a thong man revelling with nothing but a thin strap between your cheeks, knowing how naughty you would look to anyone who might catch a glimpse of that well known ‘whale tail’?

What are your favorite panties?

7 thoughts on “Your Favorite Man Panties!

  1. phil

    My favorites are nylon full briefs (granny panties). I just adore how they feel on my butt and tummy. And of course,they should have some lace,ruffles,embroidery,bows. My most favorite are rhumba panties. But then i first wore panties in the fifties. Such lovely undies then.

  2. Mikki

    Hmmm… that’s a bit like asking what is your favorite sunset… so lets try ranking the top 5 by Style-Comfort-Sexy (S-C-X) and see how that works. The scoring works like this:
    Comfort – 1=like best, 5=like least
    Sexy – 1=hot, 5=cold

    Full Brief – 1 – 4
    High Cut Brief – 1 – 3
    Hipster – 1 – 2
    Bikini – 2 – 2
    String Bikini – 2 – 1
    Thong – 4 – 1
    Boyshort – 3 – 3
    Long Leg – 4 – 5

    So I guess I like Hipster and String Bikini’s best… but… if you add lace and/or bows add a 1/2 point to each. AND… if the material is lace or sheer add 1/2 point.
    But I really love soft nylon…
    and some of the synthetics are so soft…
    and cotton bikinis are just perfect on a warm day…

    Sigh… I just love ALL panties!

  3. John

    Phil. I, too, discovered panties in the early fifties. To be exact, a pair of nylon rhumba style, with chiffon ruffles.
    Dad caught me in them and, needless to say, it didn’t sit to well with him. I didn’t sit too well for a while either. But, the die was cast. He finally quit trying to correct me when I was mid teen. Guess he figured I’d get caught in school and be taught the lesson he felt I needed. Never happened. All you can find these days are rhumbas with lace ruffles, and for me, they don’t get it done. I, too, prefer “Granny’s”. Hi cuts are 2nd. Can’t handle thongs.

  4. Hope Post author

    I love the feedback guys! Personally I’m a nylon biyshort kinda girl at the moment. It’s great to hear what works for men though… no two panty wearing men are the same!

  5. Mikki

    Hope! Was that a Freudian slip or a lace one? Are you telling us that you’re bi… just like most of us?

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