Long Bottom Winter Panties For Men

winter panties for men

Baby it’s cold outside – assuming you’re in the northern hemisphere, which many of us aren’t, but try to suppress your antipodean rage for a few minutes whilst I weave this tale of winter underwear. There aren’t many panties that have a claim to warmth, unless you count yak hair panties or perhaps woolen panties, either of which come with some obvious drawbacks to the wearing party. These panties from Warner’s are not only made from a fairly snug and cozy nylon elastane blend (okay, these won’t work in a blizzard, but if you wear them under snow pants, they will have a delightful slide.) They also come in a ‘warm taupe’ – which refers to the beigeness of the beige and not the heat they generate. Before you discount all this twaddle, allow me to draw your attention to the fact that these have already been reviewed and hailed as excellent by a man who wears panties. I give you his review:

I have been exclusively wearing 100% cotton Hanes Men’s No-Fly Sport Briefs for years, and I found the Warner’s without a stitch brief to be a great alternative. Because cotton doesn’t have great moisture wicking properties cotton briefs can get really uncomfortable during adventure sports (biking, hiking, kayaking, etc.) and gym workouts, I am always looking for a good non-cotton sport brief. Unfortunately, there are very few alternatives for us regular “guys” in the “real world”, so I stepped out of “normal” bounds and I have been experimenting with nylon blend women’s briefs.

What I have found, with the exception of the better moisture wicking fabric used by Warner’s and the garment tags, when you hold the Warner’s women’s brief up next to the Hanes men’s brief, they are identical! For all of you out there who think it is weird for a guy to wear these briefs, think again. When it comes down to form, function, and comfort, a real man looks beyond labels.

Warner’s Without a Stitch Brief