Why Her Room For His Lingerie?

You’ll notice that the main sponsor of this site is Her Room. There’s more than one reason for this. Of course they supply a wide range of lingerie at decent prices and are known to have pretty good customer service (as reported by several readers of this blog), but over and above this, they openly support men who wear lingerie. This is evidenced by the page aimed openly and unashamedly at male wearers of lingerie on their website. A reader linked me to the page, which impressed me thoroughly with its very useful tips that help men find women’s lingerie that will fit and feel good. It’s great to see retailers responding to the market in a progressive and helpful manner, and it’s wonderful that some of the biggest online lingerie retailers are not only acknowledging that men wear lingerie, but are more than willing to help them find lingerie they’ll love!

Here are some of the popular panties as picked by male customers according to Her Room:

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