Where Do I Comment On My Lingerie Fetish?

Just to clarify a possible point of confusion, there are comment leaving facilities for those who like to discuss issues associated with their lingerie wearing, or just the concept of men wearing lingerie alltogether on both this blog and the hubs where I host the articles.

As a general rule, I have to ‘censor’ the hubpages comments because that is a family friendly zone. I like to put these articles there however, because it makes them available to a wide range of readers who might learn something new about men who wear lingerie.  Spreading the word and whatnot, you know…

If you want to make a comment that is a little more ‘adult’ in nature, make it on the blog.  Pretty much anything goes here, though I would like to keep the spirit of debate and discussion, so if its just pure filth (you know who you are, you naughty naughty men), then perhaps it would be better off in a more XXX rated venue :)

4 thoughts on “Where Do I Comment On My Lingerie Fetish?

  1. Stormy

    You make a very valid point, Hope. Why cant people treat EVERY website/blog site as a family site (Unless indentified as otherwise) and leave the filthy language, porn pictures, sexual suggestions, ad infinitum out of the post?

  2. Hope Post author

    Well, to be fair, most guys have been pretty good about not posting ‘filth’. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, and there are lots of venues for that, which is why generally speaking, people do pick up on the tone of this site and the hubs and respond in thoughtful ways that come from the big head, not the little one. This post wasn’t complaining about people posting the wrong sort of thing, I just thought I would clarify how things work for those who were interested. I always feel bad deleting comments because they dipped a little too far into the adult zone.

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