What Is Your Place In The Panty Revolution?

A few readers have mentioned that reading these articles makes them feel militant about their lingerie wearing and cross dressing, whilst others have mentioned that the very same articles have made them feel a little bad about the fact that they are still ‘in the closet’ about their lingerie wearing.

Discover your place in the panty revolution…

3 thoughts on “What Is Your Place In The Panty Revolution?

  1. Leah

    As a middle aged and exceptionally boring guy, who just happens to be a crossdresser, I once was very militant about it. I went out regularly amongst the “normal” folk and enjoyed the hell out of it.

    I felt like I was doing my part to advance the colors. (and I think I did.)

    As I aged though, regretfully I became more realistic (as well as much more cynical.) Bebopping about as “Leah”, while rewarding, was a selfish and very self centered activity and the potential for long term damage to relationships with family members and friends was all too real.

    So it all came to a screeching halt.

    Sometimes I miss it but to tell the truth, it’s very hard work to maintain even a somewhat reasonable level of “passability.” At least I found it hard work. I wanted to look as good as possible.

    For instance, in “guy” mode, if my eyebrows are all over the place, it’s not a huge deal normally but try that in “girl” mode. People notice that stuff and even if they KNOW you’re a guy trying to look like a girl, unkempt hair won’t fly! :) Standards of appearance for womenfolk are much higher.

    There’s another double standard for ya Hope. :)

    So I guess I’m on the sidelines or more accurately, back in the closet.

  2. Mikki

    This is a very sweet sentiment… for some reason it struck me in such a way that made me feel good about myself regarding my feminine ways. Thanks Hope.

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