What Are Your Fancy Panties?

Most women have a pair or three or more ‘fancy panties’, panties they only wear for a special occasion. Panties which a man who had any sense would espy and know for sure that he was going to be getting lucky tonight.  It’s my theory that men who wear lingerie generally tend to have a more lavish approach to their panties anyway because for them panties tend to be all about pleasure. For women, panties serve a utilitarian purpose which means that there are a wide range of panty types in any woman’s panty drawer. (For more information, review the panty pyramid.)

So men, here is the question. Do you have any special ‘fancy panties’ you reserve for special occasions? Or is it a special occasion every time you slip into a pair of sexy panties?

5 thoughts on “What Are Your Fancy Panties?

  1. allen

    all my panties are fancy i love any panty with lace ruffles of course they must i mean must be nylon i love the feel of nylon under my pants against my body any colors ok but they must be sexy nylon lacy ruffled panties and if i can find them a bra to match

  2. Mark

    I admit I have a mixture of everyday panties and “fancy” panties. I wear the prettier ones on days I want to feel a little more special and they’re often pink, but sometimes red and almost always lacy. Today I’m wearing a rather routine, but pink, pair of Jockey for Her, but yesterday for example, I made a sales presentation and wore a gorgeous light blue paid of Vanity Fair bikinis with pretty lacy waistband.

  3. John

    I normally just wear comfortable panties during the day. At night I prefer something a bit more frilly to go with a babydoll or other style of gown. I particularly like a black pair of nylon, full coverage, with nylon ruffles all over the back and around the leg openings. I don’t care for lace, it interfers with the smoothness of the nylon.

  4. mike

    i just love wearing women’s sexy panties. they are sexy .
    If they look sexy on a woman, so they can look sexy on me also. i have all kinds vs, vanity fair, princess.
    calvin k, warner,
    again i find the sexy.
    To me, the word panty is just another for underwear on me. seeing me in them, is a wow…
    my wife knows i wear

  5. mike

    yes i do have panties that i can wear on special occasion,
    like parties, or a wedding , it makes me feel real sexy inside.
    it could be a victoria, pierre cardin, vanity fair or something that i would feel comfortable in.. they are just lovely. wish i could post some pictures….

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