Wet Look Nylon Garter Belts from Love Fifi

These are some interesting garter belts. I say garter belts as if there are two of them, which there sort of are and sort of aren’t. Basically there’s just one garter belt but it comes in normal sizes and plus sizes too, so everyone can enjoy the wet look nylon coverage. There’s something a little bit Catwoman about this piece of lingerie, it’s sinuous and sensual. It might plot to overthrow a local superhero, but I think you’ll forgive it. The straps across the rear are a little bit BDSM, a little bit Rock n’ Roll, a lot awesome. This isn’t delicate or frilly, but it doesn’t have to be. This garter belt is bold and knows what it wants. It has drive, it has passion. Will it have you?

Dark Delicacy Garter Belt (Normal Sizes)

Dark Delicacy Garter Belt (Plus Sizes)