Wearing Lingerie With Your Lady Can Be Done | He Wears Panties Reader’s Story

This came in the form of a letter, but the writer was kind enough to let me share it with everyone. Hopefully this will inspire those of you perhaps feeling as if lingerie and relationships just can’t mix.

Hi Hope,

I’ve been reading your hubs for years now and your point of view helped me to further understand myself as a lingerie wearing man. I was married for a little over five years and it came to an end for various reasons, but one of them was that I was not honest with my ex about wearing lingerie. I look back on it now, some three years later and own my part in the breakdown of my marriage however, I am now with a wonderful woman who understands, accepts and encourages my lingerie wearing! We are both second timers and when we met and knew the relationship was going places, we promised to always be honest with each other about everything no matter what. NO secrets this time!

I was able to build up the courage and I explained myself to her and she was fascinated! She didn’t run away or freak out. She took the time to hear me out and understand who I was. It’s been an amazing ride so far! We shop for lingerie together and have a HUGE selection of bras, panties, stockings and the list goes on. Before I met her I mostly stuck with panties and a bra here and there but not often. Now she encourages me to wear bras and loves to see me in them. My sex life has never been better!

What’s even cooler is that she spent some time reading all she could about men like me, and found your sites (here and the Hubs) and it further expanded her understanding. If it wasn’t for people such as yourself, men like me would still be pretty apprehensive about exposing who we really are. I’ve never felt so free and comfortable in a relationship before. I don’t have to hide or keep my collection under lock and key anymore. All of our panties are where they should be; in a dresser. Same with our bras. Our outfits hang in the closet as they should and I have free choice to wear whatever I want, when I want, unless she chooses for me of course!

So, I just wanted to send this off to you to say THANK YOU and to let you know another one of your readers/fans made it to the promised panty land by finding an amazing, supportive woman who just lets me be me.