Wacoal Lace Kiss Bikini Panties

wacoal lace kiss panties for men

Lace atop lace, these panties might be mere scraps of fabric, but they pack a lot of lingerie quality in there. Like a rich gateaux, one you can only have a few spoonfuls of even though it is indescribably delicious, that’s what these panties are like. They’re utterly gorgeous, so much so one could simply sit and feast one’s eyes upon them long before daring to slide them on.

Once on, they do not provide a great deal of coverage, but coverage is not what these panties are for. These panties are for sensual exploration, for freeing one’s senses and perhaps one’s mind for a little while too. These are panties you’ll want to watch yourself wearing. These are panties you’ll treasure for quite some time.

Wacoal Lace Kiss Bikini