Wacoal Full Bloom Thong Panties

full bloom thong panties for men

These pretty floral panties come in the thong style, which means tasteful lace coverage in the front and a bare derriere in the back. Some people might be insulted at the description of thongs being the mullet of the lingerie world, but if you push that analogy to the extreme, that means, in lingerie time, we’re somewhere in the 1980’s (the height of mullet popularity), which means no Facebook or twitter and Winona Ryder is simply an elfin actress and not a woman interrupted. They were simpler times. Simpler times with fewer restrictions on the concept of good hair.

There’s nothing really all that 80’s about these panties however, they’re contemporary. They’re hip. Or they at least fit around your hips. And they’re sensually compatible with male panty wearers, which is the most important thing of all.

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