Vassarette Comfortable String Bikini and Hi Cut Panties

Vassarette Silken Heather String Bikini Panty

Two panties from one designer today, the Vassarette range is known for comfort and restrained style. Judging by what I see on their listings, we can add ‘the lowest of all the hi-cut panties’ to that list of qualities. These panties actually remind me quite a lot of the Olga range of panties, because much like Olga, Vassarette don’t seem to be overly concerned with providing a wide range of styles or colors. What they prefer to do is make a simple, comfortable cut worth wearing. And that, my friends who like to wear simple lingerie that doesn’t necessarily look overly feminine, is probably going to be right up your street.

Vassarette Silken Heather Hi-Cut Panty