Vanity Fair String Bikini Panty

Did you know that Vanity Fair makes a lovely bikini cut shimmering nylon panty? It’s sort of beige, but I’ve noticed that other people aren’t quite so down on beige as I am, and it does have its benefits in the stealth department. These panties will sit comfortably below your pants line and even if they do peek up a little (perhaps during mandatory manly under sink inspections) then you may get away with them anyway. Of course, the pretty shimmery shine is sure to be eye catching, so avoid flashing them under bright lights if you’re not quite ready to be a beacon of panty excellence.

These panties are part of the ‘body caress’ series, so they’re guaranteed to feel silky smooth against your skin, an important factor to consider when purchasing any panties.

My ‘ end’ verdict: These are sort of the ugly duckling of lingerie. They don’t look like much at first, but once you roast them over some buns, they’re incredibly tasty.

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5 thoughts on “Vanity Fair String Bikini Panty

  1. Yendor

    My wife and I can attest how good these panties are since we own quite a few in white and beige in the string bikini style. The fabric has a very silky feel while providing the necessary stretch and coverage to accommodate the male equipment.

    My wife likes the feel, fit and look in addition to the fact that they don’t show under clothes and are tagless. They come in high leg brief and string bikini styles with limited colors mostly white, beige and red. The problem we’ve found is the stores that carry the Vanity Fair line don’t seem to carry a lot of the sting bikini style and we’ve had to order these from various on line sources.

    These are very economical since they go on sale quite often and you can purchase these for as low as $5 per panty which I consider a bargin since they are a very well constructed. I would highly recommend these as an addition to anyone’s panty collection.

  2. Hope Post author

    Thanks for the personal feedback on these panties, Yendor. They are a bit of an anomaly for the Vanity Fair brand, being slightly on the skimpier side, but it is easy to see how they have earned their popularity.

  3. Yendor

    Actually Vanity Fair is our favorite line of panties due to their quality construction, fabric used and reasonable price. They make a double string bikini in microfiber which we also wear and at one time made a line called “Your Favorite Pants” which we also have in the bikini style. You’re correct that Vantiy Fair seems to make more full or hi leg briefs as opposed to bikini or hip hugger styles. We also have Bali and Maidenform bikini styles but still prefer the Vanity Fair brand.

    Your preference for briefs appear to be contrary to what my wife and her friends prefer. They seem to like very skimpy panties such as bikinis or thongs.

  4. Tomara

    Hi Yendor
    I have to agree with you , I have several pairs of the Vanity Fair string bikini’s in a aray of different colors all purchased on line , it’s odd to me too why the stores that sell them only stock black , white and beige when they make such a variety of great colors.
    I also really like the fit and feel of these panties and enjoy wearing them on a daily basis.

  5. Hope Post author

    I don’t think bikini cut panties are ‘skimpy’. Probably most of my collection is a sort of bikini / brief style. Thongs though? They’re uncomfortable, and on women, a recipe for urinary tract infections, which are no fun at all. Still, to each woman her own, I’m sure there must be some advantage to having your ass hanging out of your panties, aside from panty line issues, I can’t think of one though.

    To clarify, I said that these particular panties featured here are skimpy when compared to the rest of Vanity Fair’s collection :) You’re right that on a scale of 1 to skimpy, these panties barely rate at all.

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