Vanity Fair Cool Comfort Briefs (Reader Recommendation)


He Wears Panties forum member, NylonBriefs says: I think I just found my new favorite panty. I’ve been looking at them online – particularly on the Her Room site but have never been able to find any in a store until recently. The other day, my SO was away and it gave me an opportunity to do some shopping. I was in the market for a nice, white, classic full slip that are so rare these days so I set out for a Vanity Fair Outlet store not terribly far from me. When I got there, I was the only one in the store and I found a slip in my size and went over to check out the panties – they had a great sale going on. The SA was very friendly and she asked what size – I told her the size and she showed me which rack they were in. She asked if there was anything that I was particularly interested in and I told her that I was trying to find the Vanity Fair Cool Comfort brief with the lace applique on the side. (I think it is style 15081 if you want to check it out at Her Room). She immediately came up with three pair of dark beige – yuk – and I told her that I was really looking for pastel or white. She helped dig through the rack until seh found several white pair in my size and I was delighted. I am sure that by the end of the conversation she knew the slip and the panties were for me but she never let on or gave a hassle. Bottom line, trip was a success, got both slip and panties on sale.

Now here’s the review. I could not wait to get home and change panties. It took about 30 seconds to conclude that the Vanity Fair Cool Comfort panties are WONDERFUL!! They are the best of two worlds. They have the same great cut and fit as the Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau (the staple of my panty drawer) and the Ravissant (the other staple) but they have the same opacity and springiness to the material as theĀ Bali Freeform Panty. They have a very silky soft / smooth nylon feel . Plus, for those of you that like a little feminine touch, the lovely lace applique is a nice touch. The generous gusset keeps everything in place. So, for those of you who are brief lovers as I am, get a few pair of these and enjoy!

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