Under Armour Panties For Men

underarmor thong panties for men

These aren’t just panties. These are action panties, designed for active wearers. They feature anti-microbial material that inhibits the growth of bacteria and therefore smelliness. These panties come in both a cheeky and thong cut, so it depends how much or little material you like in the rear. Though the cuts are undeniably feminine, I feel that these might make good crossover panties for men who are kind of sort of pretending that the panties they’re wearing weren’t originally designed for women (Under Armor has lines for both men and women), or for men who like plausible deniability. Or for anyone who is active in hot conditions.

(As a side note, thanks to everyone who has responded to the call for contributions for the He Wears Panties Book. I’m having some trouble returning email to aol adresses, so if I you’ve mailed me from such an address and not recieved a reply, that may be why. I’ve been overwhelmed by the response so far, but I will reply to all emails. Thank you all!)

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