Two Cheetah Animal Print Panties

I wanted something a little bit animalistic today, something a little bit RAWR. I found two panties, one of them I chose because it combines what could be a trashy animal print with some of the best lingerie manufacturing standards in the business, the other, well, I’ll point that out when we get to it. Without further ado, let’s look at these cheetah print panties, shall we? If you’d like to know more about these panties, click the title links or the images.

Olga Without A Stitch Microfiber Cheetah Hipster Panty

Olga is a well established name in lingerie for good reason, the material is always silky, the cut almost always full and satisfying. Usually Olga restrains itself to the simple colors and shades like black, white and beige, but with these panties a little of the wild side is revealed. If the cheetah print is too much for you, but you like the panties, don’t worry you can also get them in ‘Butterscotch’ – a clever code name for beige.



TFC Fine Intimates Wonderful Edge Cheetah Panties

These panties have great reviews, but above and beyond that I couldn’t tell whether I was looking at the front or the back of them when I first, second and third laid eyes on them. This pretty much means that you have the opportunity to make it look like your butt is on backwards and I think most people would leap at that opportunity like a predatory cat leaps upon a doe eyed gazelle. Other features of these panties include no panty line technology and silicone stays to make sure your optical illusion panties never ride up. They also come in Zebra, White, Black and Ecru, which is another name for sort of beige.