Torsolette Lingerie | Bustier – Corset Hybrids

torsoletteI recently discovered a whole new species of lingerie, the torsolette. What is a torsolette? Well it is kind of a cross between a bustier and a corset. It covers the body from the chest to the waist, and is much lighter than a corset, not being designed to truly cinch in the body, but rather to highlight and conform to its curves. Most torsolettes have removable straps for the shoulders and also detachable suspenders for the stockings, in other words it is kind of a corset-lite, and after purchasing and wearing one, I highly recommend it.

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One thought on “Torsolette Lingerie | Bustier – Corset Hybrids

  1. rd

    I, too, love a torsolette. Having never run across any in local stores, I have had to resort to online ordering. As anyone can tell you, this can be a hit or miss in sizing. Usually a miss with my 6 foot height and they end up for sale on eBay. However, I have one I purchased on eBay that is a true winner. What I like about it most is the hook and eye closure is actually in the front and covered by a full length zipper. It gives just the right amount of support without making you feel like you’re in an Iron Maiden. The straps and garters are removable and the cups have just the right amount of shaping. I can truely say that it does amazing things for my figure. A garment that will always be a “MUST HAVE” in my wardrobe.

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