To The Man In The Skirt In The Supermarket…

You were coming out of the supermarket as we walked in. Resplendent in skirt, high heels and blouse, pushing your shopping cart out into the parking lot with bowed shoulders and a shuffling gait.

I’m sure you got many strange looks on your trip out today. I am sure you even got some cruel comments, but I hope you know how brave you are.  I hope you know how your courage gives others courage. I hope you know that though you are no doubt ostracised in many ways by those who do not understand and by those who fear what it is you represent.

You may not know this, but you are one of the leaders of a revolution whose time has yet to come.  On this trip you avoided the gazes of those around you, and for that I cannot blame you, but please, next time you step out, hold your head high. You are magnificent.

3 thoughts on “To The Man In The Skirt In The Supermarket…

  1. John

    Just like there are some ladies you wouldn’t want to see in a pair of hot pants, there are some guys that just don’t make it in heels and a mini skirt. Sadly, I’m one of those. I keep my Fem side under my jeans whenever I’m in public. Ex wife tolerated my little quirks until I started epilating body hair. Nylon, chiffon,etc. feels so much better over hairless skin. I had one GF that was really turned on by it. I’m very tempted, thanks to you Hope, to let some lace show & see if I can find another.

  2. James

    As a male who’s outlived two loving wives, I continue to wear skirts, slips & panties most of every day; not frilly stuff but focused on the comfortable side of these garments. I never kept count but each wife was OK, specially when together, we wore lingerie the entire night – felt wonderful & enhanced intimacy (something I’m currently missing). I’ve not gone “public”; but many friends know (a non-issue).

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