2 thoughts on “This Lady Makes Her Man Wear Lingerie

  1. John

    For a sexy looking lady like that I’d wear anything she wanted. Don’t know if I’d do it around the kids though. It’s not their business – nor the business of anyone they would tell that “Daddy wears Mommy’s underwear”.

  2. Mikki

    John is correct… while one part of me says that it may be healthy if we “de-genderize” what underwear or clothing we wear, at this point in our society it is probably not a good thing to have Daddy and Mommy sharing underwear in front of the kids. It may end up with child services swooping the kids out in the middle of the night. At one point not so long ago a white man and a black woman spent two years in a county jail for the incredible sin of being married and sharing a bed in a state that criminalized such activity.

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