The Three Types of Men Who Wear Lingerie

Perhaps not an entirely relevant image, but that's a hot ass in lingerie, and I think we can all get something out of that...

What sort of a man wears lingerie? I seek to answer this pressing question with help from you, the men who wear lingerie. (Also at the same time we get to educate the general community about men who wear lingerie, and hopefully encourage freedom of lingerie for all.)

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3 thoughts on “The Three Types of Men Who Wear Lingerie

  1. Pantiesatwork

    Love the site. Hate the hubs. Can’t post comments from my iPhone. But this was a great article. I have read several of you writings and know I’ll be back for more. Fantastic stuff.

  2. Hope Post author

    Interesting… hub pages has been a wee bit on the retarded side lately. When will people learn to not fix what ain’t broke? I’ll be posting here more anyway, that’s the hope :)

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