The Inflatable Chinese Bra

And a translation from Gizmodo reader, Joshl:

It’s Her. It’s Her. It’s Her!
They’re all the same “her”, but her breasts has a BIG difference (pun?)

At Work, it’s a B cup.
Pretty Beautiful.

On the streets, it’s B cup.
Perfect for attractive people.

At a party, it’s a D Cup! (OMG Ponies!)
Spicy Hot!

This bra can go up in three steps: B, C and D cups.

Before/After Shots…

Celebrated in Europe. (something)… world’s beautiful breast contest.

(She’s mine logo) Automatic pumping bra.

Look at this. One press and it gets bigger.
Bigger and Bigger.
As big as you want, as big as it gets.

Big! Big Big!
(Before/After Shots)

So big that even breast milk is coming out! (wtf?)

it’s like using your hands to push them up.
This bra has passed some sort of international certifacte (o rly?)

The inflatable part is called “God’s Hand” in English, but it says “Space-Age hand” in Chinese. All it takes is a press to inflate it.

Normal Magic Bras are too heavy. After a while, they sag down. (haha saggy tits!). It adds more weight to your straps too. So they aren’t good breasts, but saggy breasts.
But with “God’s hands”, 5 of them = the weight of a normal silicon breast thingy.

Hey, It’s actually trendy! It’s comfortable! The bra has a safe feeling with no pressure.

Hurry up and call the buy now!

Hello! Hello! What are you wearing now? I’m wearing a B cup. What do you like? I wish my breast were a little bigger. And B cups are fine. Bigger breasts are every woman’s wish. What are your wish? Wow they’re 3cm bigger! Can it get any bigger? Yes! Wow, it’s even bigger my 2.5cm. Can it get even bigger? Of course! Do you want to try it? No, no they’re big enough.

There are 3 technologies in this bra: “God’s hand” – hold your back up.

That granny at 3:33 – They’re excellent, I feel younger! (puke)
The God’s Hands are made from some Japanese natural material. They give off some sort of infrared-red radiation to increase blood circulation, and therefore your breasts will grow bigger.

Ugly woman at 3:54 – not only are they comfortable and healthy, my breasts are getting bigger too!

4 thoughts on “The Inflatable Chinese Bra

  1. Pantied boy

    “They give off some sort of infrared-red radiation to increase blood circulation, and therefore your breasts will grow bigger.”

    I feel like they’re trying to cheat me. Around 50% of the sun’s radiation coming into athmosphere of earth is infrared radiation, so I suppose sun bathing makes breasts grow bigger!

    I think many women are way too concerned about their breasts, as if it was all in all. So what if it’s A or C. I just fail to understand.

  2. rd

    I’ve always found Asian TV ads to be amusing due to the actors enthusiasm and OMG! attitudes but the sound effects hear during “inflation” are hilarious. I could not stop laughing. Hope, you never cease entertaining us. And I love you for it.

  3. kimberjim

    LOL…With this kind of technology it’s no wonder the Chinese are catching up to the West.
    These delightful bra’s look like alot of fun tho and I could almost be tempted to buy one, but I can’t help but wonder if the air bags will go the distance..

    Gazooks… imagine rushing into a gas station to re-inflate your left front due to a slow leak or worse still, poking out an eye because of runaway inflation!!

    I’ve changed my mind Hope, unless these guys are giving away a set of Ginsu Steak Knives with every bra,I think I will stick with the tried and true..

    It could be safer in the long run.


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