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Wacoal Captivation Hipster Panties

These 93% lace hipster panties from lingerie legends Wacoal are both gorgeous and sophisticated. They come in the seasonal red, as pictured above, as well as a more restrained black, beige and a what I am calling Empress Blue. (Red is one of the rarest lingerie colors to come by, so if you’re looking for something just a little unique, swoop on these whilst they are available for the swooping.) I love the detailing on the lace, which is also quite unique. These aren’t a pair of panties you see every day, they’re something just a little bit special. The rear view demonstrates not only a pleasingly smooth expanse of satiny fabric, but more imporantly, the Wacoal dedication to comfort. These panties will look stunning, and won’t leave a lace pattern embroidered in your derriere when you take them off.

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Wacoal Animal Attraction La Femme Panties

You don’t often see brown panties on this site, mostly because the term ‘brown panties’ conjures up unspeakable laundry challenges of the type even the bleach ads won’t directly address. But these panties are different, they’re different because their deep beige coloration is part of an evolutionary strategy to help these panties survive in the lingerie wilds. The sheen to the mesh panels is quite deliberate and very sinuous, making the wearer look a little like they were crossed with a serpent somewhere in their ancestry. Could these be the panties that convinced Adam to eat from the tree of lace delights?

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