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How Men Can Wear Women’s Clothing, But Still Look Masculine

This is a question from a reader, it’s taken me three months to answer, mostly because I’m not very good at reading the little hidden questiony bits they have here. It’s a very good question however, and it is most worthy of an answer.

The Question: You have some interesting pages such as power-skirts for men. Now I don’t want to pretend to be a women, or pretend to be Scottish. How does someone pull off, for example a skirt, in the context of an otherwise complete manly outfit, especially with respect to shoes/boots, career wear, hose, body-hair, and I suppose underwear, just in case of strong wind?

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I Failed At Quitting – Here’s An Article About Men, Hats and Skirts

Quitting fail. Oh well. Here’s an article all about cowboy hats and skirts for men.

I think I said I wasn’t going to do this anymore, but you know, old habits die hard. And I can do what I want, it’s the Internet! I make the rules! Mwa haha ha ha! (I think I made it at least a week without one of these articles.) Anyways, I was recently looking at men wearing cowboy hats and pondering just how very flattering cowboy hats are on guys and girls. There’s just something about covering the forehead and having stiff fabric brimming out at right angles about the head that really compliments the average human face.

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H&M Skirts for Men Hit The Mainstream

For decades, men who like skirts and suchlike have been complaining that there are no fetching skirts on the market for men. H&M have changed all that with their Spring 2010 collection that includes skirts and hosiery for men. That’s right, skirts and hosiery for men. The fashion revolution continues to roll along, how many of you will take up the gauntlet thrown down by H&M and their ilk and vote with your dollars, purchasing these skirts for men and showing manufacturers and the world that yes, men do want skirts.

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Wrap Around Skirts For Men

aracenia skirtAlso known as a sarong, wrap around skirts are common in tropical places where they are quite often considered to be very suitable male attire. Samoan men wear a wrap around skirt called a lavalava, and interestingly enough, whilst it is also worn by children, it is not often worn by women. To think that there are still pockets of the world in which men have monopoly on the skirt!

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Plaid Skirts For Men

tartan skirtsPlaid skirts for men are often referred to as kilts, because oftentimes they are. What’s the difference between a kilt and a mere skirt? Well, a kilt is a pleated skirt which is usually patterned with a clan tartan. Kilts close to the side at the front and are best worn with a large kilt pin which will keep them from flying open at inopportune moments and showing the world everything you have.

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Pretty Floral Skirts For Men

pretty floral skirtFloral prints, I’ve talked about them at length before, noting their vintage charm, their ye olde appeal and their undeniable association with femininity. Floral print skirts can work for men just as well as they do for women, and come in a wide range of styles and designs.

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Formal Skirts For Men

silk formal skirtI know I said I wasn’t going to be putting these articles on Hub Pages anymore, however though I won’t be writing any lingerie articles there anymore (largely thanks to some puritan twit at Google deciding that panties are adult material, but more on that at a later date,) I will still be writing about feminine men’s fashion. This is one of those articles, and I would be remiss if I did not share it with my readers here.

When it comes to formal attire, men get the short fashion stick in abundance. The only truly acceptable formal attire for men is a penguin style tuxedo. The most we trust men with fashion choices in the formal world is allowing them to occasionally don a coat with a Chinese collar, or picking between a blue or red cummerbund.

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Power Skirts For Men

skirt for menRemember the power suit of the 80’s? Worn by women it involved shoulder pads big enough to take down a line backer and was often accompanied by high heels so pointy one could finish him off with them. Men haven’t been able to enjoy such a power suit for some time, being stuck with the same old suit variations that can be picked up in every men’s store from Algeria to Zimbabwe.

But what if men tried something different? What if, instead of sticking with the tired formula of bifurcated pants, they wore skirts that emanated power?

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How To Make Your Skirts Look Manly

guys wearing skirtsMen who wear women’s clothing in public are often struck with a particular challenge. How, in this pre fashion enlightened world, are they to wear their skirts out in public without having to go six rounds with the nearest moron. (Though, to be honest, depending on where you live, you may get nothing but smiles by going out in a dress.)

It is possible to be a guy, wear a skirt, and still look quite masculine. And in this article, men who really wear skirts share how it’s done!

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