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Seamless Panties For Sheer Stealth

sheer panties for men

So you want to wear panties, but what if other people notice you wearing panties? Maybe that’s an issue for you. Maybe you need to wear panties that could pass as unisex underwear even if someone was to see you in nothing but your panties. If those are the kind of panties you need, then these may be the panties for you.

Absolute Clothing is a company that doesn’t do anything by halves, and these smooth seamless panties with a satiny finish are completely gorgeous as well as being completely comfortable. They come in a cute boyshort cut, which works well for men who are looking for panty plausible deniability, and they also have the advantage of coming in black, white, beige, red, taupe, pink taupe and khaki, which pretty much covers all your color essentials.

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Wacoal Animal Attraction La Femme Panties

You don’t often see brown panties on this site, mostly because the term ‘brown panties’ conjures up unspeakable laundry challenges of the type even the bleach ads won’t directly address. But these panties are different, they’re different because their deep beige coloration is part of an evolutionary strategy to help these panties survive in the lingerie wilds. The sheen to the mesh panels is quite deliberate and very sinuous, making the wearer look a little like they were crossed with a serpent somewhere in their ancestry. Could these be the panties that convinced Adam to eat from the tree of lace delights?

Wacoal La Femme Animal Attraction Bikini Panties

Flexees Panties For Men

Flexees is all about control. These are people who make panties that rise from the tops of one’s thighs to just under one’s bust. They are shaping panties, but being shaping doesn’t put them out of the lingerie arms race for comfort and style. Take these Decadence panties for instance. They may not look overly decadent at first glance, but it is the fit and feel that makes people rave about the soft smooth joys of panties that not only make them look their best, but feel amazing in the process. I love the fact that there’s something just a little gym short about these panties, and the beige piping gives them a little retro touch as well. Men who like to wear panties without drawing vast amounts of attention to themselves in the process will probably like these as well, once on, whose to know you’re not just channeling the spirit of great 1980’s cricketers?

Flexees Decadence Tailored Hi-Cut Brief

Viaggio Italian Seamless Cheekie Panties

The Italians do have something of a reputation for being able to do fashion right, and these panties by Viaggio are no exception. Don’t let their relatively plain exterior fool you, these seamless panties are perfect for the everyday male panty wearer, not just because of their low cut, seamless edges and timeless ‘plausible deniability’ design, but because of the silver infused fabric that offers additional protection from sweat and odors that can accumulate during the day.

These panties come in a range of bright colors, including the sunshine yellow pictured above, perfect for bringing warm lingerie rays into the coming winter days. Other colors include a demure pink, a bright blue and a bold fuchsia.

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Hot Panties For Men | Three Styles To Think About

crotchless-pantiesLook at your lingerie collection. How long have you had it? Do you see your favorites in there? The old faithfuls that feel good every time but which are starting to show some wear and tear? Do you see the ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ panties in there? The ones you wore once but then never put on again? They’re all nice in their own way (even the one timers), but same old same old gets boring after a time.

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Cute Cotton Victoria’s Secret Panties For Men

bloomersLovers of cotton lingerie will love Victoria’s Secret, who can apparently take any kind of fabric, drape it over a pretty woman with an impossible figure and make it look good. I suspect that they’re magicians and wizards. Cotton lingerie from VS is smooth, soft and of high quality, which makes it perfect for men who wear lingerie.

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Rebellious Lingerie For Bad Boys

strappy-pantiesSometimes wearing lingerie is an act of rebellion. It is a signal that tells the world (subtly, under your clothes) that you will not be a slave to the norms enforced on you since childhood. No longer will you suffer in itchy cotton jockeys which do nothing for you on any level. No longer will you buy into the myth of utilitarian male underwear, no you will wear women’s lingerie and be proud of it! But what lingerie will you wear?

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What Are Your Fancy Panties?

Most women have a pair or three or more ‘fancy panties’, panties they only wear for a special occasion. Panties which a man who had any sense would espy and know for sure that he was going to be getting lucky tonight.  It’s my theory that men who wear lingerie generally tend to have a more lavish approach to their panties anyway because for them panties tend to be all about pleasure. For women, panties serve a utilitarian purpose which means that there are a wide range of panty types in any woman’s panty drawer. (For more information, review the panty pyramid.)

So men, here is the question. Do you have any special ‘fancy panties’ you reserve for special occasions? Or is it a special occasion every time you slip into a pair of sexy panties?

The Best Panties For Men

What are the best panties for men? Opinions vary greatly. Some men like thongs, others prefer bloomers. This article is based on feedback I have received from some of the finest male panty connoisseurs the Internet can provide. Let’s see if I’ve got this right.

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Finding Freedom For Men In Panties

Freedom For Men In Panties

Freedom. As a society we’re big on freedom, huge even. Freedom is the word we call upon when we want to inspire courage. Freedom is the word we call upon when we want to stir emotional response. For the West, personal freedom is everything. Or is it?

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Pretty Panties For Professional Men

When you’re a hard working professional man there is great pressure to conform to faily strict standards of dress.

You’ll spend upwards of 50 hours a week looking like a penguin impressionist, walking the sidewalks of your world in dull colors offset only by the occasionally bright tie. Your panties are the way out of this fashion prison…

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