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Classy Mesh Panties For Men

natori mesh panties

Mesh panties, that is to say, panties that are made entirely of mesh, tend to have a reputation for being somewhat – trashy, shall we say. But mesh can be classy, and more importantly, it can be comfortable. (Get the wrong pair of mesh panties and it’s uncannily like wearing a grater against your privates.) These mesh girl bikinis from Natori are made with comfort and style in mind. They come in a very wide range of colors and patterns, and though I’d forgive you for thinking otherwise, they really are mostly mesh, as can be seen when one views them in the plain ‘Mongolian Blue’ option.

mongolian mesh panties

Natori Bliss Mesh Girl Brief

Wacoal Animal Attraction La Femme Panties

You don’t often see brown panties on this site, mostly because the term ‘brown panties’ conjures up unspeakable laundry challenges of the type even the bleach ads won’t directly address. But these panties are different, they’re different because their deep beige coloration is part of an evolutionary strategy to help these panties survive in the lingerie wilds. The sheen to the mesh panels is quite deliberate and very sinuous, making the wearer look a little like they were crossed with a serpent somewhere in their ancestry. Could these be the panties that convinced Adam to eat from the tree of lace delights?

Wacoal La Femme Animal Attraction Bikini Panties

Flirty Ruffled Mesh Boyshort Panties

The thing I most love about these panties is that they are being worn by the invisible man. The thing I second most love about these panties is the combination of mesh and ruffles, which I haven’t seen a whole lot. Usually you get a lot of ruffles and no mesh at all, or mesh, but no ruffles to speak of. These panties combine the best of sheer and flounce to create a pair of devilish panties that will light the spark of lingerie love in even the most jaded lingerista’s heart.

Flirty Ruffled Dotted Mesh Boyshorts