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Lovely Ladies Lace Gloves

free_people_glovesLace gloves, how pretty, how lovely, how feminine, how proper, how delightfully Victorian retro vintage.  They’re like lingerie for your hands!

Lace gloves are the perfect fashion accessory when one wants to say ‘My, look at how quirky and fashionable I am,’ without sacrificing manual dexterity in one’s digits. Wearing lace gloves one is still quite able to partake of dances at a ball, or typing missives upon the keyboard of one’s computational device.

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Fine Lace Parasols | A Lady Like Life Saving Accessory

juliet hand made parasolOnce upon a time, fine ladies would always take a parasol with them when walking in the sun, because pale skin was valued highly. This is still the case in countries where a significant class divide exists between lowly peasant laborers and the educated upper classes whose skin need not be sullied by the rigors of hard work.

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