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Lords of Lace Lingerie

hanky pankyLace is generally regarded as being something of a genteel fabric. Historically it was worn by the aristocratic elite, both male and female. In modern times, lace has faced something of a gender barrier, but a few brave souls still contend with these fickle morays and pursue lace with all the vigor it deserves. These men are rewarded with the many joys of wearing lace, indeed, many say that lace lingerie is lingerie you’ll never regret owning.

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Lace Handkerchiefs For Men

lace handkerchiefWorking lace back into male attire is something of a battle of stealth. Why do I say this? Mostly because I like calling things ‘stealthy’, but also because I believe that the slow integration of lace into male outfits and attire may one day lead to the reclamation of lace by the male gender. Men used to be able to wear as much lace as they wanted without being thought effeminate, but nowadays it can be difficult for a man to enjoy the delightful intricacy of high quality lace without drawing negative attention. Do not give up hope however lace loving chaps, this battle can be won.

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Lace Cravats For The Discerning Gentleman

lace cravatIf you’re a man wishing to reclaim lace, why not indulge yourself with a lace cravat? Once all the rage among Regency gentleman, a lace cravat can be worn without drawing accusations of femininity, and many women, the type of women who lap up Regency romance novels, will absolutely swoon for a man who shows that he can wear lace and stockings with style.

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