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How Women Pick Their Panties

sexy_pantiesI thought it might be of interest to the male panty wearing crowd to get an insight as to how women pick their panties, and for women to perhaps find some inspiration in future panty purchases. Most women have three types of panties in their panty drawer, though there may be a crossover between the types and it is quite common for panties to transition from one category to another over the course of their life times.

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Reader’s Lingerie Pictures

As you’ll be aware, I recently opened a forum here on He Wears Panties so that you guys could have your say and talk with one another, which is really important.

As you’re also no doubt aware, there has been a lingerie gallery on the site which you could submit to. I’m going to close the avenue of submissions via email as you can now all post your pictures on the He Wears Panties Picture Forum

This means no waiting around for me to sort myself out and post pictures.

I may still add some pictures from the forum to the gallery from time to time, but that will be done at my discretion, (read: when I get some time :).)

I’m really pleased with how the forums are going, and I hope you all are too. Don’t be afraid to get out there and start chatting!

Also, everyone who  posts pictures will be awarded a special profile panty badge.

Sexy Skimpy Low Rise Panties For Men

gold coast low tiseMany men enjoy women’s panties, and quite often it is the high waisted full brief and hi cut panties that get named as being favorites. However, that is not the case for all men. Sometimes a man’s body is not built to comfortably wear high waisted panties, and instead of sitting nice and snugly up under his belly button, they end up sliding down and setting near his crotch.

The solution to this problem is to purchase low riding panties to begin with. Not only are low rise panties comfortable, but they also have another advantage – they are much easier to hide in every day street clothes.

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Beautiful Lacy Skamp Bali Panties For Men

lacy skamp briefBali is another lingerie brand, similar to Vanity Fair, but wit a little more lace about the place. Much like Vanity Fair, Bali panties are designed to fit well without an overwhelming emphasis on appearance. The exceptions in their line are two panties which take very much after Olga styling, with a Bali twist. (I’d hate to imply panty plagiarism, I’m sure the penalties for that sort of thing are very steep indeed.)

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Feel Good Panties | Vanity Fair Nylon Panties For Men

ravissantWhen you talk to men who love wearing lingerie, one brand comes up time and time again, Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair is not one of the showiest brands, nor is it the most feminine from an aesthetic standpoint, but it is undeniably one of the most comfortable and incredibly soft brands with designs that lend themselves well to being worn by men.

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Pretty Purple Panties | Fine Alliterative Lingerie

purple bra and panty setPeter could pick a peck of pickled pretty purple panties, but can you? After reading this article and observing the symphony of purple panties which parades over your screen, I believe it may be difficult for you to resist the charms of these proud panties.

Purple is the color of royalty, and it is also the color of Tinky Winky. If those two things do not recommend it, then it is lost forever!

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Men, How Not To Wear Women’s Panties

TrinnySuzRUK_468x344By now, most of us have been exposed to horror tv shows along the lines of ‘What Not To Wear’, where smug fashionistas take shabby people under their wing, stuff them, sausage style, into some support underwear and dress them in vaguely age appropriate clothing whilst squealing about how much younger they look now. This article does not follow along those lines, because those are the lines that lead to madness.

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How To Share Your Love Of Lingerie On Hub Pages

pinkstripepantiesA few of you may wonder why your comments have not been showing up lately. This document will hopefully clarify why this has been occurring. If your comments are being repeatedly moderated, it is because they are inappropriate for this venue. Don’t take this as an insult, it’s not, it is simply a matter of time and place, just as you wouldn’t wear a PVC floral mini skirt to a Royal Ball, or a sheer body stocking and nothing else to a family funeral.

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How to Love Yourself In Lingerie (Stop Feeling Guilty Because You Wear Panties)

Photo 88Men who don’t wear lingerie and women who have never really thought about men who wear lingerie often don’t appreciate the difficulties associated with being a man who wears lingerie. If you spend any amount of time speaking with men who wear lingerie however, it soon becomes apparent that being a man who wears panties is a lot harder than it sounds.

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The Perfect Pretty Panties For Men

velvet pantiesA UK panty specialist catering to men who wear women’s panties, Rosalind Woods offers pretty panties of all shapes and sizes. The panties I’ll be looking at today all boast a deep sided cut which is perfect for men who wear lingerie. Once upon a time, most all panties featured this design, however nowadays, a lower cut has become more fashionable. Minimalism has become a watchword in lingerie, and unfortunately that often leaves men left behind, hanging out or otherwise just not fitting in.

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Buy Hot Panties For Men | Avoid The Five Circles Of Panty Hell

These are five things which will take a perfectly nice piece of lingerie and turn it into a hellish torture device. Use these as guidelines whilst buying new lingerie and avoid the lingerie hell which awaits us all at the end of any ill advised purchase. Don’t think that you just won’t wear them if they turn out not to be comfortable, one day you will forget to do laundry and all there will be in your panty drawer will be these panties and you will decide to wear them and spend the rest of the day regretting it. Trust me. I know. I’ve been there.