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The Paranoid Man’s Guide To Wearing Lingerie

super sexy mens lingerieWearing lingerie can be a lot of fun and a source of joy and solace in a man’s life. However, coming to the place where wanting to wear lingerie is something you can accept about yourself can be difficult. I know and am sympathetic to the fact that not all men who wear lingerie are at the “Oh my! Look at me in my fabulous panties!” stage just yet.

Here are some tips just for you guys, I hope they prove useful in your lingerie journeys and dreams.

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The Splendid World of Silk Lingerie

silk negligeeSilk. We don’t have enough of it.

Why wear silk lingerie? Well, much like my arch nemesis, cotton, silk is a natural fiber. However, unlike cotton, it is so smooth to the touch that the term “silky smooth” is actually in common usage. Okay “cotton soft” is also out there, but that’s just an international conspiracy up there with UFO’s, the sniper on the grassy knoll, and Sarah Palin’s VP nomination. Some things we will never understand.

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Wicked Dreamy White Lace Lingerie For Men

power mesh lingerieInspired by a recent series of pictures submitted to my site, He Wears Panties, by a reader, I’ve put together this set of reviews of white lace lingerie. There’s something very special about white lingerie. Whilst it’s not always the most popular amongst women for practical reasons (white shows every little mark and spot,) it is none the less one of the most popular choices of lingerie for brides. Part of this is because it matches the dress and part of this is because it signifies purity and femininity in a way that no other color can.

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High Style Lingerie | Luxury Lace Negligees

black_lace_negligeeA negligee, aside from being a fun word to say, is a loose dressing gown for women. The term comes from the French ‘to neglect’, and between its roots and its meaning it sounds like a rather dowdy and boring piece of female attire. Don’t let appearances fool you however, a negligee is much greater than the sum of its French name and strict English definition. It is a lovely, sensual and yes, quite elegant piece of lingerie.

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Gorgeous Girlish Girdles For Men

panty girdleWhat, pray tell, is a girdle? Why, it is a relatively old fashioned piece of lingerie and the evolutionary child of the corset. Put simply, a girdle is a piece of shape defining lingerie which runs from under the bust to over the hip. It promotes a lovely feminine shape and irons out any unseemly bumps of flesh which can get in the way of attaining the perfect hour glass figure.

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Operation Satin and Awe | Bra and Panty Sets To Blow You Away

vivicaIt’s been at least five years since Operation Shock and Awe went down and I think we can all agree that it’s not too soon to co-opt the title for vaguely punny headlines. This article is serious business, and though it is unlikely to be the instrument of the downfall of a despotic dictator and the harbinger of illegal military occupation, it is definitely going to be about classy, sexy and sensual satin garments that you won’t want to take off even when you’ve been wearing them all day in the inside of a tank and they’re starting to get a little whiffy.

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How to Love Yourself In Lingerie (Stop Feeling Guilty Because You Wear Panties)

Photo 88Men who don’t wear lingerie and women who have never really thought about men who wear lingerie often don’t appreciate the difficulties associated with being a man who wears lingerie. If you spend any amount of time speaking with men who wear lingerie however, it soon becomes apparent that being a man who wears panties is a lot harder than it sounds.

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Saucy Stocking, Skirt and Suspender Sets For Men

mink_suspender_beltOh stockings and suspenders, is there an image more classically feminine? If there is, I don’t know what it is (unless we’re talking Botticelli’s nudes, but unfortunately rotund rolls of cellulite dotted flesh have fallen out of fashion for the time being.)

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The Secret Power of Lingerie For Men

aphroditePower is a fascinating subject, at least in my opinion. There are so many different types of power including  political power, physical power and inner power. Of the three, I think inner power is probably the most lauded and yet also the least utilized in the modern world. Inner power isn’t about affirmations, following the ‘law of attraction’, or investing in a package of purifying protons to cleanse your aura.

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Where Can I Buy Women’s Panties Online ? Hope’s Online Lingerie Shopping Reccomendations

sexy lace braI write a lot about various items of lingerie which can be bought online, now its time I reveal my sources. These are the places I go when I want to buy lingerie online, and they’re all places where you can find great lingerie at great prices. This isn’t an exhaustive list, and updates are to be expected in future, but for those looking for a place to start, these places will see you right.

Where to buy sexy lingerie online…