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Lords of Lace Lingerie

hanky pankyLace is generally regarded as being something of a genteel fabric. Historically it was worn by the aristocratic elite, both male and female. In modern times, lace has faced something of a gender barrier, but a few brave souls still contend with these fickle morays and pursue lace with all the vigor it deserves. These men are rewarded with the many joys of wearing lace, indeed, many say that lace lingerie is lingerie you’ll never regret owning.

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Are You Too Stupid To Understand Why Men Wear Lingerie?

In spite of the fact that I’ve been writing these articles for a couple of years now, and in spite of the fact that if you, you know, actually read any of them, you’ll get a good sense of what they are about, some people still come up with the most dense questions possible and still ask, after having read an article which explains why men wear lingerie, ‘Why do men wear lingerie?’ I imagine they do this with a cow like bewilderment, no doubt chewing their cud thoughtfully with the effort of trying to understand someone other than themselves.

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All American Lingerie

jessica simpson lingerieIn times of economic hardship, we’re all reminded to buy locally. No matter where our locale is, it suddenly becomes exceptionally important that we buy there. I’m not going to pretend I fully understand the reasons behind this, but I love a good display of patriotism as much as the next girl and there’s no display of patriotism like an American display of patriotism. So without further ado, let us man the lingerie!

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Pantied Boy Is Strictly Panties

You men with your incessant use of the words ‘sexual fantasies’ in a sex free zone, I don’t know. Here’s another scandalous comment that had to be moderated from Hub Pages. I hope you are wearing all your protective gear for this because it is most certainly not family safe, and if it’s not safe for families, it will probably bring down Western civilization as we know it.

This comment was posted to Lingerie Secrets Revealed, The Three Types Of Men Who Wear Lingerie

Pantied boy  says:

If I would really have to fit myself in one of the gategories, it would be the Strict Panties Man, but that’s not the whole truth.

Currently the only female clothes I own are panties, which i’m wearing 24/7, and I would like to own much more panties than average female do. Besides I’m quite interested in skirts, knee/thigh high socks, and nightdresses. However panties are the only must ones while the others would be just bit extra fun which I wouldn’t be wearing all the time.

I also have no problems accepting the fact that I have feminine side. Though I don’t really have two personas, pantied me and the other one. It’s just the one very same me all the time. Having cute panties on is just good way to express the softer side. When wearing panties I feel being totally myself. Giving myself a female name or dressing myself as close to female-look as possible isn’t something I could ever imagine myself doing. Yet I sometimes like to play with idea of me being a woman. Continue reading

Before You Throw All Your Lingerie Away…

Leonardo Di Caprio may hold the secret to saving your lingerie collection...

Leonardo Di Caprio may hold the secret to saving your lingerie collection...

So you’re thinking about throwing all your lingerie out. You don’t need it and you shouldn’t be wearing it. At least, that’s what you think. This may be the first time you have bought lingerie and thrown it out, this may be the 50th time you’ve been through the cycle of lingerie binge and purge. Before you quite literally toss your hard earned money out the door, read this and see if you can’t save yourself a little money and sanity.

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The Cutest Little Lace Chemise Ever

How adorable is this lace chemise? Made by Hanky Panky, the people who make the lace thongs that drove Wall Street wild, this lace chemise is perfect for nightwear for the discerning man who loves lace. Oftentimes lace can be scratchy and uncomfortable, but Hanky Panky uses only the finest laces to guarantee the wearer total comfort.

With a sweet floral design and coming in innocent white, this is one piece of lingerie I think most men will find hard to resist.

More information on this sweet little number here…  Hanky Panky Rosalyn Chemise

Buying Second Hand Lingerie

floralAh second hand lingerie. It has such a bad name for itself, thanks to Japan and its weird vending machines of days gone by, but second hand lingerie can be a boon for the lingerie lover. It is cheap, it quite often has something of a ‘vintage’ charm, and it is cheap. Did I say ‘cheap’ twice? That’s because it’s usually very cheap. It’s also good for the environment to re-use old garments rather than burying them in land fills.(It’s also very good for the environment not to breed, so keep that in mind the next time the pope breaks into your house through the bathroom window and tries to steal your prophylactics away.)

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How To Handle A Lingerie Addiction

pretty lingerieBuying lingerie can be just as addictive as snorting glucose off the top of a doll house. And as many ‘sugar heads’ will tell you, the habit is even harder to break. Why? Well, scientific research conducted by the FDA indicates that 9 out of 10 people who buy lingerie do so because lingerie is ‘awesome.’ It looks good, it feels good and it makes you feel good about yourself. Just one piece of nice lingerie can be more effective than a whole pack of back alley Prozac.

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Pretty Acetate Lingerie For Men

acetate_lingerieAcetate, or CH3COOH as I like to call it, was once the fabric of choice for much of the world’s fine lingerie. Before nylon popped onto the scene with its flashy softness, it’s relative cheapness of production and its steadfast resistance to getting holes in it when accidentally exposed to acetone, acetate was the soft, shiny, silk like material of choice for people who were serious about looking good and feeling good in their lingerie.

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Satin and Lace Lingerie For Men

lace and satin redSatin and lace, lovely on their own, but when combined together they become one of the greatest couples in the history of lingerie. The Brangelina of lingerie, if you will, or perhaps the Prince Rainer and Princess Grace of lingerie, if you’re more inclined to worship royalty over large lipped actors. This article takes a look at some of the saucy satin and lace lingerie out there.

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