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Leggy Lingerie | Knee High Stockings For Men

knee highEver wished that you could wear stockings in a way that it still looked like you were wearing traditional masculine attire? Well friends, knee high stockings may just be the droids you are looking for. Knee high stockings, as the name implies, are stockings designed to rise only to the knee. They were originally designed for women who were wearing long skirts and couldn’t be bothered pulling a pair of stockings all the way up their legs (those last 6 or so inches are a killer,) so to save time and energy, the stockings only go to the knee, allowing a lady to look as if she has donned a lovely pair of stockings when in reality she has simply thrown on some knee highs. Scandalous!

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Modern Men In Frilly Stockings

White Lace StockingsMen’s tights are making a comeback, but there’s a secret many men who wear hosiery harbor – they don’t want to wear men’s tights, they want to wear women’s tights. And why not? Although several small companies have sprung up making hosiery for men, Activskin being perhaps the most well known, as with most male garments, every effort has been made to remove the softer side of the garment. For some reason, when clothing is made for men, be it outerwear, underwear or intimate wear, an emphasis on blocky construction and minimalist ornamentation seems to be considered key.

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Crossover Hosiery For Men | Patterned Tights

plaid patterned tightsThis one goes out as a reader request I received via email. As the astute reader noted, patterned tights feel great and can pass as socks on occasion. Thus we have the makings of the perfect cross over hosiery for men, hosiery that feels feminine but which is ambiguous enough to throw clothing gender purists off the scent long enough for one to make good their escape through the briar patch.

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Pantyhose For Men

wolfordPantyhose is hosiery which covers from toe to hip. But do we really know pantyhose all that well? After all, pantyhose, the favorite hosiery of many men who wear lingerie, is an odd little minx. For reasons which may not seem immediately clear to the uninitiated, or women and girls who used to have to wear it to work or school, there are those who absolutely love pantyhose with a passion that means if there was a house fire they would rush out of the house, their hair ablaze, soot staining their cheeks, hosiery drawer cradled delicately in their arms.

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He Makes Stockings Look Masculine

man in sheer stockingsAre you a man who loves the feeling of stockings or pantyhose against your skin? Do you joyously wear hosiery in private only to have to take it off when you leave your home? Have you ever wondered how to openly wear women’s stockings and pantyhose in the workplace without being sniggered at by the receptionist and being sent home in shame to change? One man has tackled this fashion problem and emerged triumphant and it is my pleasure to share his not so secrets with you.

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Fancy Feminine French Heel Stockings For Men

dita von teeseFrench heel stockings hearken from a time when wearers would quite often wear through the heel of their stockings. Stockings were therefore reinforced with extra nylon, which created a very distinctive shape which could sometimes be observed above the wearer’s shoe. Upon discovering that this often occurred, some clever lingerie designer designed to make a feature out of it. French heel stockings therefore climb pyramid-style up the leg….

And there are so many more!

Enchanting Lace Stockings and Pantyhose For Men

Victoiran PantyhoseStockings are almost always visions of nylon, but a little lace in the right place can transform an everyday pair of stockings into something truly special. Lace pantyhose and stockings come in two kinds, the kind where lace serves as a trim, and the kind where lace is incorporated into the design of the stocking or pantyhose as a whole. Both styles of lace hosiery have their place in any aficionado’s wardrobe.

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Pretty Patterned Stockings For Men

spider charm stockingsHumans love patterns, its how we learn and how we understand our world. It’s how we can tell the difference between the cereal and the bowl, between the lingerie and the lolcat. But so many stockings are simply sheer stretches of nylon mesh, which, whilst being fairly nice and all, are hardly interesting from a visual point of view.

If you happen to be a man of discriminating tastes who enjoys discovering innovative lingerie, you’ll be glad you clicked across this article, for here I have compiled some sweet specimens of pattered stockings just perfect for the male wearer.

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Bawdy Stockings For Blokes With Taste

levee-7025-largeWho doesn’t enjoy a touch of the bawdy in the boudoir? Hmm? I know you do, and of course, where stockings are concerned, the bawdyness does not have to be limited to the boudoir, no it can be extended to any place in the great wide world that your legs take you. If you conform to society’s pressures and wear pants over your stockings, they’re practically invisible to those around you, which means you can sneak your naughty stockings into places where no stockings have gone before.

Stockings so sexy, you’ll drool on your keyboard.

Saucy Stocking, Skirt and Suspender Sets For Men

mink_suspender_beltOh stockings and suspenders, is there an image more classically feminine? If there is, I don’t know what it is (unless we’re talking Botticelli’s nudes, but unfortunately rotund rolls of cellulite dotted flesh have fallen out of fashion for the time being.)

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Bodyhose For Men | Covered In Pantyhose From Head To Toe

bodyhose sexyEver looked down at your stocking clad leg and wished that you could be encased in the sensation of pantyhose? Not just covered from top to toe in some kind of bodystocking, but actually encapsulated entirely by the soft, smooth sensation of nylon? Well now you can be. It’s called bodyhose and it is described as clothing which covers the entire body, a seamless garment which cocoons the flesh.

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Also, this video of a young French woman performing flexible dance in a different kind of bodyhose.

Art of Contortion on Spiegel Im SpiegelClick here for more home videos

The Secret Power of Lingerie For Men

aphroditePower is a fascinating subject, at least in my opinion. There are so many different types of power including  political power, physical power and inner power. Of the three, I think inner power is probably the most lauded and yet also the least utilized in the modern world. Inner power isn’t about affirmations, following the ‘law of attraction’, or investing in a package of purifying protons to cleanse your aura.

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