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Alana Raso Is More Productive In Women’s Clothing… Are You?

From the article, Are Men Women When They Wear Lingerie? The Fantasy of Reality

Alana Raso  says:

When I wear lingerie, I imagine myself as a feminine creature.  I know my sex, I just like to choose an alternative gender when an opportunity arises.  I telecommute twice a week, I usually dress in a silk blouse and skirt when doing so.  Interesting, I usually accomplish much more when I am wearing the clothing (and lingerie) of my preference.  Does anyone else feel like they are more product ive when dressed?

Are Men Women When They Wear Lingerie?

doutzen-kroes-supermodel-obsession-06There’s a funny objection to the idea of men wearing lingerie, and that’s the objection to the idea that men are imagining themselves to be women. For some people, the very idea is against all that is natural and good in the world. It is unthinkable. It is… unimaginable.

But there is so much more to men wearing lingerie than meets the eye…

So Hot Right Now! Vintage Swimsuits For Men

glamorous swimsuitYou know why vintage swimsuits are so in right now? I’ll tell you why. It is not because history always repeats, or because there are only so many permutations of a swimsuit, it is because the old days were the good old days. Nothing bad ever happened in the old days, in fact, I believe that the earth was entirely peaceful and pleasant from 1920 up until 1960, when those filthy hippies came along and ruined the world with Ebola and Swine Flu.

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Feeling Feminine In Public | Female Fashion Trends For Men

cute designer braceletSay you’re a man who likes to wear women’s clothing, but isn’t quite comfortable going out in public that way. What you need is a way to ease into female fashions, a point of departure, so to speak. You’re looking for a way to express yourself without inviting the unwanted attentions of the less understanding sectors of society. The good news is that there are several ways to incorporate female fashions into everyday outfits without going the proverbial whole hog, and we’re going to have a look at some of them in this article.

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Sugar, Spice and Puppydogs Tails | How Men Come To Want To Be Women

Are you a male who wants to wear women’s clothing? Are you yearning for a touch of the feminine about yourself? Fantasize about being a lady? I have some good news for you, you’re not alone. Why do you feel this way? Well, I can’t tell you on a personal level, but I do like to theorize on a general level. There are many reasons why some men want to be women, and I do not claim that this article explains them all. Rather this is one look at a possible reason why young males may decide that it is better and more desirable to be female than it is to be male. Your mileage (and opinions) will vary. If you have personal experience you deem relevant, feel free to have your say in the comments.

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Nail Care Essentials For Men | A Question of Cuticles

manicured nailsMy last article, a basic guide to nail polish for men got a good reaction, but I realized shortly after publishing it that I had somewhat jumped the gun. If you’re new to nail care and nail polish, then odds are, your fingernails simply aren’t ready for nail polish yet.

If it has been several years since you did anything but wash your hands with soap and water and occasionally nibble at a hangnail, odds are that your fingernails are ill shaped for nail polish, jagged around the edges and have cuticles raging across them like Mongolian hordes across China.

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Nail Polish For Men | A Basic How To Guide

pretty-nail-polish-for-menMen who wear lingerie often end up experimenting with other elements of so called “women’s fashions.” Perhaps out of a desire to further explore their feminine sides, perhaps out of pure curiosity, perhaps because once a man tries the forbidden fruit, he sometimes finds it hard to stop. (Now men know how Eve felt in the garden of Eden.)

How to get started on the road to pretty nails…