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Why I Don’t Wear Girly Things

One of my readers recently wrote an awesome article about what he called ‘deny-vestites’, (if you want to read it, you can do so here) women who don’t wear feminine clothing, who instead prefer simple clothing of a more androgynous kind and who don’t bother too much about make up. He was surprised when I replied back and said that I thought his article was brilliant and that I myself could probably identify as a ‘deny-vestite.’ His response was one of surprise. How could I write about women’s clothing and lingerie so much if I didn’t wear a great deal of uber feminine things?

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What If Men and Women Really Were Equal?

Like many of you, I grew up being told that girls can do anything that boys could do, but as a biological set bonus, they also got the power to bleed for several days every month and bear live young . It was the mid 80’s when feminism was hot and hip and terribly important. Gender equality was all the rage then, and some people would say that we are closer to true gender equality than ever before, but are we really? And what would happen if we actually achieved true gender equality? Take a look into the magical pool of equality and see what the world would be like if men and women truly were equal.

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Deny-Vestites – Crossdressing Women

This is an article written by Dusty, a He Wears Panties reader. I think that it raises very salient points and indeed, holds great insight into why some women dress the way they do and would rather poke their eyes out with a mascara wand than actually wear mascara.

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It’s been broadly accepted opinion that nowadays there are virtually no female crossdressers. This conclusion is based on observation that women can today wear pretty much anything without being judged, categorized or even frown upon in the sexual, social, family, maturity or any other value system.

While I fully agree with the latter one, only recently I discovered that I do not agree with the former one. I used to, but not any longer.

You see, I am a male crossdresser. The typical one: middle aged, married, hetero, great in many things, envied by many others, but with that one little “flaw”: I like the feeling and appearance of fine lingerie on my body, of makeup, stockings and those divine, cruel things: heels. Continue reading

Where Did Men’s Lace Frills And Bows Go?

louis with lace and bowsAt one time, men wore lace frills and bows with the best of them. As late as the 18th century, in the days of Louis XVI, nobles wore frills and bows and high heels as a matter of course. In fact, at some times, it was difficult to say where the frills ended and the man began. France has always lead the world in fashion, or so it seems, and in those times, frills and bows were also popular in the English court as well as throughout most of Europe.

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Before You Throw All Your Lingerie Away…

Leonardo Di Caprio may hold the secret to saving your lingerie collection...

Leonardo Di Caprio may hold the secret to saving your lingerie collection...

So you’re thinking about throwing all your lingerie out. You don’t need it and you shouldn’t be wearing it. At least, that’s what you think. This may be the first time you have bought lingerie and thrown it out, this may be the 50th time you’ve been through the cycle of lingerie binge and purge. Before you quite literally toss your hard earned money out the door, read this and see if you can’t save yourself a little money and sanity.

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Would You Be Loved More If You Were A Woman?

A reader left a comment on one of my articles, and I thought it went to the very heart of why some men like pretending to be women. He said:

“For those of us who are touch with our feminine side, I truly believe we do the best we can do to provide that comfort for our girlfriends or wives, so it seems unselfish to me to try to create an environment where we might possibly be able to feel some of that love and comfort”

It would seem then, that some men associate femininity with being loved, cared for and protected.

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Lady Pirates And Women’s Liberation

bonnyBack in the days of piracy, there were hardly any lady pirates relative to the plethora of male pirates swarming the high seas buckling their swashes. Now don’t get me wrong, there were some lady pirates, however the bulk of them were forced to don male clothing and pretend to be men so as to not tip a scurvy crew right over the edge. Some female pirates even became pirate captains, but they still wore male pirate dress, and when they had the odd baby, as you do, they would usually dropped off somewhere on an island to be raised by people who were generally less swashbuckling. Day care on a pirate ship generally consisted of a tot of rum and a swim in a pickle jar.

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Are Cross Dressing Men Offensive To Women?

masculine-feminineI wrote an article recently titled ‘Why Women Find Cross Dressing Men Scary‘, an article which reflected on the way that cross dressing men can sometimes be quite intimidating because of the ‘uber’ feminine appearance and manner they have.

One reader, Tracy, made a comment which was perhaps tangential to the initial point of the article, but which I think has a great deal of merit and definitely deserves discussion.

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Can A Dress Turn A Man Into A Woman?

victor victoriaBefore you scoff at the idea of a Y chromosome fixing garment which somehow knits the DNA of a man into a more feminine form, hear me out. Many men say that when they wear lingerie and women’s things they become softer and more feminine. A great deal of men report that when dressed en femme they find themselves expressing so called ‘feminine’ personality traits such as increased sensitivity and emotion. In some cases, their personality changes so much that they assign a female name to their new feminine identity.

Come and share your experiences!

Women Rule? A World Without Men

powerful womenMen fear, and some feminists have joyously awaited the day when we no longer need men in our societies. Instead we can reproduce through the wonders of science, and live in a golden age of peace and prosperity, presumably because, having gotten rid of men, we will no longer have all that angry war and greed around the place.

Here’s why I think that is less likely than highly advanced aliens coming to the planet to get relationship advice from Dr Phil.