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Are Men Who Wear Women’s Clothing Mute?

Men who wear women’s clothing have been marginalized for a long time. Why? Perhaps it is because for many men the behavior is based on purely fetishistic drives which demand privacy. Perhaps it is because for a long time, homosexual behavior was also marginalized and even criminalized and men feared being misidentified as gay. Perhaps it is because men with the drive to wear women’s clothing sometimes fear being ostracized by those they know and love.

There are many reasons to stay quiet, but they all cost men who wear women’s clothing deeply. Those who enjoy lingerie and panties as a fetish tend to be more open and vocal about it than those who simply enjoy women’s clothing and want to incorporate it into their everyday lives. This has left public perception of men who wear lingerie and women’s clothing as being that of a pack of oversexed perverts.

Even on this blog, even on this site where men are guaranteed to find acceptance and camaraderie, most of you stay silent. As evidenced when I enabled some comments features, no-one had anything to say at all, save for one lone little deviant (and I say that with affection,) who wanted the man in the bikini to show off his butt.

If you will not speak for yourselves, who will speak for you? If you will not speak for yourselves, how can you expect the status quo to change? You don’t need to go marching down the high street in your prettiest pink lingerie and high heels, but if the phenomenon of men’s fashion equality is to have any traction in the world at all, you will need to learn to speak up as a group, and not just on shady (or not so shady) panty fetish sites on the web but in your everyday lives.

Things change because people brave the uncomfortable days and years of being ‘different’, only to wake up one day and find that they are not different any more, they are simply one of the many. Some of you do a brilliant job of being who you are out in the world, some of you are not afraid to live your lives as you wish to live them, some of you are true inspirations to all. But for every man who proudly wears what he wants to, hundreds more quietly skulk about in hiding. Too few of you raise your voices. You are many, yet you hide in the cracks and crevices of cyberspace where nothing can and nothing will change.

If you want to see the day come where it is accepted as common knowledge that men can wear whatever they want, just as women currently can, then you need to quit hiding and speak up.

Why Women Find Cross Dressing Men Scary

franknfurter3This is going to be something of a confessional for me, and whilst I don’t pretend to speak for all women, statistically the odds are likely that there are some women out there (and one or two guys,) who feel the same way. Of course, you’ll already know if you’ve browsed my catalog of articles here that I strongly support men who want to wear women’s clothing. However, I also completely understand when women feel intimidated by this act.

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Poisonous Lead In Your Lipstick? Probably.

lipstickBack in the day, many high born Egyptian women and men went mad and died. Why? Because they succumbed to the mercury and lead in their make up. It was fairly sad, but then again, their civilization existed around 3500 BCE and largely involved pushing big rocks around. We can forgive them for not being knowledgeable about the effects of the ingredients in their make up on their health.

If you’re a man who wears lipstick on occasion, this article is probably relevant to your interests.

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How To Transform From A Man Into A Woman

half-man-half-womanWhat you are about to read here is not for the faint hearted or for the dabbler in feeling and looking feminine. These are the devices that the truly serious man who wants to be a woman uses. All of them are effective and all of them are entirely hormone and chemical free because I can’t imagine a worse idea than pumping your body full of rubbish not ‘native’ to it in order to make it look a certain way.

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The Big First Step! (Going Out In Women’s Clothes)

gina lanceThis is an article written by the wonderful Gina Lance. Gina is the current editor of TG LIFE, and the once was editor of groundbreaking transgender magazine, GIRL TALK. With over a decade’s experience being out of the TG Closet under her belt, Gina knows what she’s talking about.

Over the years many people have asked me about my first times out of the house, dressed! I always say that I was terrified, exhilarated, scared to death, thrilled and I experienced more emotions in those few short hours combined than I had ever faced in my life!

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