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Betsey Johnson Chantilly Floral Bikini

These panties are cute, and I mean super cute. They caught my eye from a mile away, they did. A literal mile. Maybe not a literal mile, but quite far away anyway.

There’s something about a contrast of pink and blue lace that puts a smile on my face, these are some cheerful panties that’s for sure. How could you be sad wearing these panties? You couldn’t be. I’m not saying that putting on some lingerie instantly solves all problems, I am saying that it has a diminishing effect upon them. These panties are therapy in and of themselves. Yes they are.

Perhaps you’re wondering how Betsey Johnson with the extra ‘e’ describes the panties you are even now feasting your eyes upon. She calls them ‘Bluetilicious’, a name that walks the line between cute and sort of ridiculous with all the aplomb of a frilly tightrope walker.

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Jockey Microfiber Lace Hipster Panties

Jockey. This is a lingerie brand name I’ve never quite been able to wrap my head around seeing as the word ‘Jockey’ brings to mind a small man wielding a whip. Then again, when we’re talking about the subject of men wearing panties, what better name brand? And what better panties than these lace hipster panties that come in a veritable riot of colors. The fabric is a super soft, almost sheer nylon / spandex blend otherwise known as Lycra, so whilst you’re flashing your panty colors (in the purple above, or rose pink, bright lime, aqua mist, grape jelly and more) you’ll also be inordinately comfortable.

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