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Elle Macpherson Daisy Christmas Panties

These panties were apparently designed to evoke the idea of a daisy chain. Somewhat ironically, they do not come in yellow, leading me to believe that the designers of Elle Macpherson lingerie are locked away far from the corrupting influence of unchecked nature. These, therefore, are panties designed by people imagining the essence of a daisy chain.

Though these show little in the way of the floral theme they are named for, the jolly ‘lipstick red’ of these panties makes them a perfect pair of Christmas panties – and the perfect little lingerie gift for oneself this season. If the red is a little too much, these also come in ‘Jet’ (black) and ‘Vintage Cream’ (beige). In each case, contrasting lace and a smooth fit make these panties look very sophisticated, whilst retaining a little olde worlde feminine charm.

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