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Breast Enhancement For Men

meowMany men secretly, or not so secretly, wish they could have breasts. For some men, this comes as a result of feeling that they truly are feminine on the inside, for others it is simply a matter of wanting the fun of breasts for a wee while.  (For still others, they’re a ticket to positions of power beyond their wildest dreams, your results may vary.)

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Men With Breasts, Man Boobs, Can Men Have Breasts?

This isn’t an article, it is a question which arises from an email sent to me by a reader who wanted to learn tips for making his breasts appear bigger. This reader doesn’t appear to identify as feminine, in fact he states he is not transgendered, but would none the less like to fill out a bra.

The fun thing about the whole subject of men who wear lingerie is the way it dabbles deeply in the grey areas of gender identity. Most of us would probably assume (and when I say most would probably assume, I mean I assumed) that men who wanted breasts were identifying as women in some way.  But it appears I am wrong, and instead some men just want breasts to fill out their bras but also wish to remain entirely masculine and identify as such.

What say you, faithful readers? Have you experienced similar desires as a heterosexual man to have breasts?