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So Hot Right Now! Vintage Swimsuits For Men

glamorous swimsuitYou know why vintage swimsuits are so in right now? I’ll tell you why. It is not because history always repeats, or because there are only so many permutations of a swimsuit, it is because the old days were the good old days. Nothing bad ever happened in the old days, in fact, I believe that the earth was entirely peaceful and pleasant from 1920 up until 1960, when those filthy hippies came along and ruined the world with Ebola and Swine Flu.

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Monokinis For Men (One Piece Bathing Suits)

pink hears monokiniFor too long, men have been relegated to wearing speedos or shorts whilst they swim, and I think that this overt prejudice against male nipple coverage needs to stop, and it needs to stop now. It is just as important for men to wear one piece bathing suits as it is for women. Does anyone stop to think about the poor women swimmers whose loins burst into flames when they are confronted with the site of a blatantly topless male swimming in the pool? No. No they don’t.

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Bikinis For Men

bikiniIt’s summer time in the Northern Hemisphere (or the Southern Hemisphere if you read this in six months time,) and lads and ladies are hitting beaches, swimming pools and sprinklers across one half of the globe. Many ladies will be wearing bikinis, and quite a few men will as well.

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