Sweet Satin Bow Panties

It’s been a while since I reviewed some lingerie on He Wears Panties, and I think that we are definitely past due. Today, I will be focusing the laser beams of my lingerie intent on satin bow panties. Why? Because it has not escaped my attention that men who love lingerie, love satin. And why not? Satin is one of the softest, smoothest fabrics a man can wear. Even the littlest addition of satin transforms an ordinary pair of panties into a sweet delight. These gorgeous panties are all available from Her Room, and if you click on any of the pictures, you will be taken to the product page for that item.

Alegro Flora Jewel Hipster Panty

This pair of panties caught my eye first for the maroon color, which is relatively rare in lingerie, and secondly for the charming lace trim which slips so sensually down the model’s thigh. There’s something very art deco and retro about these panties, and they’re both eye catchingly feminine and utterly delightful.

Aubade Piraterie De l’Amour Tanga Panties

Aside from the bright red satin and lace with the sweet bows, what caught my eye about these panties was the word ‘pirate’ right there in the name. Pirates are so hot right now, and so are these panties. With oodles of lace trim rolling about the front of these panties, it is easy to forget that they are just as full of satin, something that will not be ignored as the smooth fabric rolls against one’s cheeks.

Barbara Flerus De Sucre Tanga Panties

Black, slick, tight fitting satin makes these panties look a little like a fetish garment, but also very pretty and feminine at the same time. Unfortunately the only satin in these panties is at the little bow at the front, but oh my, look at how slick that trim lace is! I could not in good conscience inform you of sexy panties and miss these ones out.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Satin Bow Panties

  1. rd

    Those are some kinda SEXY! Did you check out the lace up back on the Flora Jewel Hipsters? WOW! And the matching Balconette Bra? All in Maroon. Too Much.
    But what really caught my eye was shown as an “Also Bought” on the Her Room page for the last pair…The Donna Karen Ravishing Romance Tangas. Woohoo! Gotta Love Those.

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