Super Soft Touch Wacoal Panties

Bright red panties are always an eye catcher, and for reasons best known to the elves that run the lingerie industry, relatively rare throughout most of the year, save for certain occasions that need not be named. These gorgeous ‘Awareness’ panties from Wacoal come in both crimson and iris orchid (a pale purple, if you find the red too brash and glaring.)

Wacoal has a reputation for producing lingerie that is second to none in terms of quality and comfort, so you’re in good hands when you purchase a pair of Wacoal panties. The ones pictured here are made from a special blend called ‘tactel’ nylon, which is a type of nylon created to have a similar feel to cotton. Unlike other nylon, which can cling and cause the wearer to become sweaty, tactel nylon dries eight times as fast as cotton, is three times as resilient and is twice as soft as other similar fibers. In non scientific terms, that means wearing panties made of this type of nylon is not unlike wearing a gentle summer’s breeze about your nether regions.

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