String Bikinis and Nylon Briefs: Comfortable Wide Gusset Panties For Men

This is a new type of post for He Wears Panties! Instead of my opinions being heard at length, breadth and width, I now bring you the Reader Recommendation section, in which panty suggestions from our forum members make the front page of He Wears Panties. Or as I like to put it, this is how we air our members’ lingerie ;). Today we have two rather different types of panties recommended by members of the He Wears Panties forum, one is a full nylon brief, the other a playful string bikini, but both panties fit a male wearer very comfortably owing to their generous gusset.

Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Tailored Nylon Brief

vanity fair makes comfortable panties for men

Now although these panties could perhaps earn themselves the title of  ‘granny panties’ owing to the sheer length of the fabric, this is a good thing for the male wearer of panties. I could talk about silky smooth nylon and a traditional cut, but ‘luvpanties2‘ has more specifics on the situation, so let’s go to a quote:

Vanity Fair Tailored Perfectly Yours that have a wider no cotton gusset crotch in a gray. These are more of a brief than hi cut style. These are wonderful if you like VF nylon and want a brief. One of the biggest issues I have always had with womens panties is the gusset being too narrow. I am in the car a lot and the worst thing is having the crotch digging in. These designs removed that issue completely.

Mary Green Silk Knit String Bikini Panty (L21)

mary green silk string bikini for men

If you’re looking for something a little more skimpy, then this string bikini from Mary Green could be just the ticket. Member ‘Patsy Panties‘ says:

My favorite panties are by Mary Green @ The ‘L201’ sport brief is a basic bikini panty made of knit silk. The ‘L21’ string bikini is the same wonderful material and is a little bit sexier and naughtier! Light, thin and scanty – they are so comfortable and pleasurable to wear. The gusset is also a little wider than some other brands of panties, which increases the comfort factor while staying very femme. They become more comfortable with repeated wearings because of the stretchability of knit silk.