Stockings For Men

Stockings. Most men who wear lingerie have a special place in their hearts for stockings, and why not? Stockings encase the legs entirely, transforming masculine limbs into sensual expanses of toned, feminine flesh. Top a nice pair of stockings off with some high heels, and you my friend, are in business.


Men In Lingerie: Bodystockings For Men

In the world of lingerie there’s nothing with a dirtier or naughtier reputation than the body stocking. It seems strange that an item of lingerie that covers so much should seem so risque, but there you have it. Body stockings are perfect for men whose love of lingerie stems from enjoying the feel of it against their skin. A bra or panty can only cover so much at a time, even when combined with stockings and camsole, but when you slip into a bodystocking there is no escaping the sheer sensation of luxurious lingerie which covers your entire body, clinging to your skin with every step you take.

Hosiery For Men: Active Skin, or Pantyhose By Any Other Name?

One of my super readers recently shared a link to this site which sells ActivSkin which sells hosiery for men. I took some time to browse around it and it is an interesting site indeed. The premise is that hosiery is for men as much as it is for women, and the designers of activeskin are simply making men’s hosiery.

Men In Lingerie: Hot Fishnet Summer Stockings For Men

Just because the temperatures are rising, it doesn’t mean that you have to abandon wearing sexy stockings. Men can wear stockings all year around if they put just a little thought into the types of stockings they are wearing. This is not a time for digging out your thick opaque stockings that seal you up like a tightly wrapped meat product, this is the time for going lightweight and sexy with fishnet stockings.

Ultra Feminine Authentic Vintage Nylons

Everything was better in the old days. The air was cleaner, the grass was greener, puppies were more puppier (it stands to reason that would be true, even if it is an untenable and nonsensical claim.) Even lingerie was better. Vintage nylons remind us of these simpler times, when the art of the nylon stocking was still in its infancy. Nowadays it might be hard to imagine a world without nylons, but at one time men and women suffered in a word without silky material caressing their legs, showing them off to their best advantage, and by purchasing authentic vintage nylons we can relive the excitement of the 1940’s housewife all over again.

Super Sexy Stockings For Men

Love stockings? Well get your legs into some luxuriously feminine stockings. I’m not talking about your typical opaques, your flesh toned leg warmers, or even the sexy, but somewhat cliched black fishnet. I’m talking about getting yourself some very sexy, very naughty stockings. Stockings with a point of difference. Feast your eyes on these creations, and see if perhaps you discover something you might want to wrap around your legs one of these nights…

Men’s Stockings

It’s safe to say without fear of being accused of exaggeration that in recent decades, nothing has been more controversial than stockings for men. Though popular during the time of Louis “The Sun King” Quatorze (all French Kings used to have rapper names), men’s stockings fell out of fashion shortly after filthy revolutionaries began lopping the heads off the stylish elite.

Men, Feel Sexy In Stockings!

Sexy stockings are a big hit with men who like to wear lingerie, but its not just the look of stockings that attracts men to then, its quite of then the feel of the stockings once on that is the important thing. A great deal of men who wear lingerie do so because they like the feel of the lingerie, not simply because they want to look feminine (though there’s some of that going around as well at the best of times.) If you’re wanting to get the best sensation out of your stockings here are some tips and tricks for maximizing your stocking wearing fun.

The Power of Pantyhose For Men

Many men are attracted to women’s pantyhose, an item of women’s lingerie not typically known by women for its glamor, (at least in my associations anyway, which are to do with school uniforms, dinner ladies, and okay, maybe the occasional pretty secretary). The grass is always greener on the other side though isn’t it? Especially when the other side is permitted to express themselves with sheer and svelte fabrics, pretty colors, and displays of general emotion with are forbidden for a man.