Smooth Move Panties For Men

vanity fair panties

Are you tired of getting you panties in a bunch? Finding that your lingerie is creeping into crevices you’d rather keep it out of? These high cut panties from Vanity Fair are designed to stay where you put them, whether that be in your dresser drawer, or on your derriere. They come in a relatively wide range of colors, by which I mean you can get the usual beige, white and black along with an interesting pink dotted number shown above and a ‘grey steel’, which puts me in mind of Zoolander’s Blue Steel. And a little of Le Tigre, but now we digresse.

Made of super soft microfiber, these are panties designed for your personal comfort and enjoyment. Yes, they’re high cut, no a Victoria’s Secret Angel probably wouldn’t strut them down the catwalk – mostly because it would be a breach of contract, but you can’t say that these panties aren’t incredibly well designed. And with a special ‘no ride up’ guarantee, you can wear these in confidence.

Vanity Fair Smooth Moves Hi Cut Panties