Sissy Jane Gets Caught | A Man In Panties Story

I’ve just added a new story to the collection, a tale of a very naughty little sissy who gets caught out wearing lingerie.  Post your feedback in the comments and let me know what you thought.

John made it home early on Thursday night. 3.45 pm, two hours at least before Susan and the kids would be home. He had with him a brown package. It crinkled softly under his arm, so unobtrusive to the rest of the world, but calling him with a voice so sultry, so seductive it had drawn him out of the office altogether.

He shouldn’t have gone of course. He shouldn’t even have the package. He should never have been on the site he placed the order on. But he had been there, he did have the package (which had been delivered at work to avoid any undue suspicions,) and he had driven home shortly after the courier had dropped it off casually at his desk, blithely unaware of the treasures it contained.

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3 thoughts on “Sissy Jane Gets Caught | A Man In Panties Story

  1. Gigi

    Wonderful story. Looks to me like little sissy Jane can’t wait to get caught again, and AGAIN. Maybe wifey enjoys catching sissy Jane too!!!

  2. Silkytouch

    Great story with many little cameos true to the male reactions to acquring, anticipating and then the excitement of new lingerie.

    Spanking, not for me, but then if that is what it takes for sexual gratification for some..good luck. Sensous touching from a spouse would be much more enjoyable and provactive in the circumstances.

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