Simple Panties For Men

There have been an awful lot of showy panties on display here lately, so I figure it is time for a change of gear and a little look into the plainer styles of panty wear that focus on comfort and feel rather than peacock showiness.

Shadowline Nylon Lo-Rise Panties (Pkg of 3)

It’s always nice to see Amazon customer reviews left by men who wear panties, and these panties have a comment left by a fellow who nonchalantly mentions that he loves them on his wife – and himself. These panties come in a pack of three, so you have enough to last you almost half a week all in one go. They come in white or ‘assorted’ colors, by which I’m pretty sure they mean black.

Olga Women’s Secret Hug Nylon Scoop Panties

Olga’s secret hug panties are pretty much the most popular panties of all time with both men and women. With a high waist and plenty of smooth silky nylon to slide around in, it is fairly easy to see what makes these a winner.

Vanity Fair Women’s Perfectly Yours Ravissant Premium Tailored Nylon Brief

I’m not going to review these panties. I’m going to let ‘Silky’ the Man in Panties do it for me: I just received 3 pairs of these silky feeling, roomy, sexy panties. I was amazed at how good they feel on my skin. They fit perfectly on the waist and legs and have more than ample room in front to support and caress a happy wearer. The full rear coverage is appreciated and the bright colours are a treat to look at. My wife and I now have matching undies ! I had never tried these wondrous slippery panties before but I will be getting more and wearing them all the time !

(I will however add, that I love the name they have for their off-white shade, which is ‘candleglow’ – how romantic.

Barely There We’ve Got You Covered – Microfiber with Lace Brief (2 Pack)

And we end our little trip down the plain lane with these lower cut panties that are nevertheless very simple and classic in their styling. Made from polyester and spandex, these are light synthetic panties in microfiber, which is notorious for being super soft and comfortable to wear – a brilliant alternative to nylon and cotton. You get two pairs of panties for under $9.00 as these are currently on sale. These panties from Barely There might not be there at all for much longer, so check them out whilst they’re still scampering about the internet.