Shiny, Wet Look Panties For Men

shiny panties for men

And now for something different, and shiny and wet. Not actually wet, but looking like it might be wet. These panties are perfect for lingerie magpies and those who like their undergarments to shimmer in low candle light. The ‘Scrunchy Butt’ (proper noun) is designed to make these panties fit perfectly and give your cheeks definition. These types of panties usually turn out to be surprisingly comfortable in spite of the fact that they look like they come pre-wedgied. Give these a glimmering change, you likely won’t regret it. Plus, with Christmas on the horizon, these are pretty good seasonal panties for anyone who wants to play ‘underpants or tree ornament.’ (Everyone.)

Mix & Match Sexy Shiny Silver Low Rise Scrunch Butt Panties