Shadowline’s Luxurious Nylon Nightgown

The nights are growing colder in the northern hemisphere and many are changing their skimpy lingerie for warmer woolen garments. But you need not fall prey to nature’s assault on your wardobe, you can choose a different kind of lingerie with fuller coverage.

This lace gown from Shadowline is immensely popular, those who buy this often return to rave about the softness of the lace, the classiness of the cut (perfect for the lingerie lover who prefers to be slightly restrained in their expression of their desires) and the luxurious feel of the nylon fabric.

The stretch lace bodice means that the gown will fit you no matter your level of chest endowment, and the long trailing cut of the gown ensures a regal appearance. Because of the gathered waistline there’s plenty of additional fabric to go around, which means one thing – twirling.

The gown comes in a full range of colors, from Ivory, to Purple, to Gray, to something they like to call ‘Peri Frost’, which is another word for light purple. There are also two shades of red. There’s a simple Red, a deep, passionate red ready to set the world ablaze and there’s Holly Red, which will have you decking the halls all year long.

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