Shadowline Nylon Hipster Panties (Triple Threat 3 Pack!)

shadowline blazing white panties for men

Shadowline has long been a favorite of the male panty wearer, and you can discover why for yourself, or expand your collection with this three pack of nylon hipsters from the great manufacturers of silky smooth nylon lingerie. In each pack you’ll receive one black pair of panties, one ivory pair and one white, a color for every occasion and for every outfit. (Assuming that there are only three occasions and they all call for neutral tones.) Seriously though, these are some of the most comfortable panties avaialble on the market and though they have a distinctly feminine cut, they also hold a certain amount of plausible deniability. If you thought nylon was only good for parachutes and fishing line, you’ll get a very pleasant surprise when you slip into this sensual lingerie.

Shadowline Nylon Hipster Panties, Three Of A Kind

shadowline panties in the wild