Sexy Man Wearing Skirts, Stockings And High Heel Shoes

hot man wearing high heels and nylons

man wearing plaid skirt and high heelsOne very sexy man making his mark in the world of lingerie with a very sexy skirt, lovely nylons and white high heels that top off the picture perfectly!

If one was ever to doubt that men looked good in high heels, one would have to go no further than these pictures, which show beyond a shadow of a doubt that men were made to wear skirts, stockings and heels!

very sexy man in high heels

2 thoughts on “Sexy Man Wearing Skirts, Stockings And High Heel Shoes

  1. smokymtn7

    These are lovely pictures! This fellow has the right legs to show off a skirt, hose and heels. I love the extra touch of the ankle bracelet. Very sexy, very fem. Nice job!

  2. Vanessa Bonita

    Beautiful!!!!!! wish I had a girl or boy friend to shoot me and submit pix like those, ooo la la…Vanessa

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