Seven ’til Midnight’s Flawless Satin Chemise

flawless satin chemise for men

A little silky something for those exotic nights… (any night can be exotic if you put your mind to it, all you need is a pineapple and some nice lingerie – and the pineapple is optional.) This little black chemise also comes in raunchy red and a more virginal white. The lace trimmed cups will make the most of any cleavage you care to procure naturally or with the aid of Breast Forms.

(Again, the forms are optional, but if you’re the sort of fellow who likes to play at being a fellowess, or simply explore his feminine side, then the technology is at your disposal.)

Otherwise you can take the opportunity provided by the deep v cut and show off a brassiere. Also going for this sweet chemise is the fact that it is quite short, meaning that a pair of well made panties might very well be flashed as you wear it. So many lingerie options, so many potential outfits yet to be created!

Flawless Satin Chemise